Home or breeding tract: Maintained as migratory herds inEast Godavari, Guntur, Ongole, Nellore and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh. Assam Agricultural University.

As of now they met with little success due to lack of scientific approach to the problems, lack of availability of good quality semen/Embryos and red tapism. Ongole cattle Last updated April 29, 2019 Ongole bull reared by Sri D T Moses of Pernamitta.This Bull won AP State Award and also the first prize at " Southern regional live stock and poultry show", Palghat, Kerala - 1988. L. lpmndri123 New Member. These cattle are commonly used in bull fights in Mexico and some parts of East Africa due to their strength and aggressiveness.

I want start a farm with the famous cattle breed "Ongole" from Andhra Pradesh, I was wondering if there any farms which sell them. Srivijayavisakha District Milk Producers' Mutually Aided Coop. Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Vet. Objectives of the Farm: 1) To stock 200 adult units of the best of the Ongole Cattle for selective breeding.
Until 1904, this tract was in the Nellore

EMBRAPA delegation visits some of the farms in Ongole. Like most livestock breeds around the world, the Ongoles take their name from the region of their main breeding area - the Ongole Taluka. Regional Station for Forage Production & Demonstration.

The sole purpose of these breeding farms is to improve and preserve the native breeds.

The USA’s famous ‘Santa Gertrudis breed’ also have Ongole blood.

The time has come for promoting Ongole cattle breed in a big way and also take up research on the animal, which is known for its toughness, high milk yield, tolerance to tropical heat and disease resistance. Thanks .

It is the headquarters of Prakasam district and also the mandal headquarters of Ongole mandal in Ongole revenue division. Worldwide Demand: The ongole bull has great demand all over the world. LAM farm has close to 500 count herd of Ongole cattle. During this period Ongole cattle breeders associations, Ongole Germplasem scheme, exclusive ongole breed farms, NGO interventions became focus areas. Our cattle farm started with just 20 cattle selected from the Premier farms across Andhra Pradesh.
National Research Centre for Yak. Good Ongoles are not available at a single place. Services.

They have auctions twice or thrice every year.

We have been rearing and selling the best quality Ongole breed Cattle since 2006. There has never existed in India a breed called Nelore. The native Indian cattle and buffalo farms are set up by the government and other organizations in various places of the country. Ongole cattle are famous for their bulls.