The Virginia Opossum can be found in a variety of places. Step 9: Kill an opossum playing possum: This one sucks hard.

It may be interesting to note that the opossum was literally “playing possum” when I found it, i.e. If you hear a loud squeal like a pig and there aren’t any boars, it’s an opossum. Reward: Master Hunter Holster The Legendary Panther can only be found upon reaching Master Hunter Rank 10. Upgrading your satchel sections comes in two parts ... How to Kill an Opossum Playing Possum … Shoot it, don’t skin it when it’s on the ground.

Rank 10 Find and kill the legendary panther "Giaguaro". Look just south of Valentine, Southern Scarlet Meadows, and the far left area of West Elizabeth, to the right of the trapper stall in that area. These animals are most famous for "playing possum."

I finally got the opossum after much searching in one of the designated areas.

it was playing dead. It was just lying motionless on the ground, giving me plenty of time to aim and shoot. It’ll fake his death. Kill an opossum playing possum.

Ride the same path as with hunting the cougars. After beating RDR2's single-player campaign, the so-called "post game" can extend well beyond the conclusion of Epilogue II, ... How to Kill an Opossum Playing Possum for Hunting Challenge 9;

Opossums also eat grass, nuts, and fruit. When threatened by dogs, foxes, or bobcats, opossums sometimes flop onto their sides and lie on the ground with their eyes closed or staring fixedly into space.

When this happens simply kill the creature. Reward: 150 Health XP and $20 Opossums will occasionally play dead when spooked, where they appear to faint. Satchel upgrades will be incredibly beneficial to you as you journey through RDR2. They will hunt mice, birds, insects, worms, snakes, and even chickens. Possums are, I believe, nocturnal, so start looking in the evening and at night.