The Orca will then be faster and could swim over to the Hippo, bite it, and with its sheer weight, attempt to drown it. As nouns the difference between hippo and orca is that hippo is short form of hippopotamus while orca is a sea mammal (scientific name: orcinus orca ) related to dolphins and porpoises, commonly called the killer whale. Who hunts great white sharks and snacks on polar bears? It’s the orca, who has a taste for walruses and elephant seal? M from aniMals 59,661 views 7:39 Rhino and Hippo Date Night Part 1 - Duration: 9:58. Hippo vs White Rhino | ANIMAL BATTLE (+Orca vs Sperm Whale winner) - Duration: 7:39. #DTV #KinganimalBig Battle of Blue Ocean - Polar Bear, Killer Whale vs Water Seal Lacking proper movement would result in an automatic liss. Vicious killer no doubt! Lacking proper movement would result in an automatic liss. However, I feel like giving this to the killer whale because the killer whale, in my opinion, is a much better swimmer and is faster. Hands down the orca, unless it’s beached the hippo is dinner. Watch what happens when this hippo gets playful with a crocodile - Duration: 7 :46. Orca size were way too big for th hippo. The hippo is also, I would assume, a rather good swimmer (That might be incorrect), has a pretty thick hide, and is extremely dangerous if caught in its jaws. Yup you guessed it the orca