While an owl isn’t likely to cause major injury, an unexpected attack from a large bird of prey would certainly be terrifying and leave you with some minor cuts.

Her … The Owl Theory essentially posits that a Barred Owl attacked Peterson, got entangled in her hair, and inflicted serious injuries, including the removal of part of her scalp, which triggered a series of events that led to her death after falling down a flight of stairs. A Seattle man was taking a stroll through a park when a rogue owl swooped down and clawed his head. This second attack caused an avulsion (the peeled back skin on the left rear side of her head) large enough for blood to pour from the wound. After the man took off running, the owl swooped down on … There were wounds on the victim’s face, wrists, and scalp, consistent with that idea. Tech & Science Wildlife Animal attacks Owls Birds In the past few weeks, owls have attacked humans or pets in Atlanta on at least three separate occasions. The owl, whose talons were entwined in her hair, yanked its feet loose from her head, pulling hair loose from her scalp. The theory first came to light in late 2009, after attorney Larry Pollard, a friend and neighbor of Peterson’s, took a fresh look at the evidence. If an owl attacks you, the best thing you can do is cover your head and run to a shelter. Survival Tips To Keep Yourself Safe.