Vivi has been going through her first moult for a while now and we're noticing very little difference; this seems to be the case also with the P. picta painted conures I've seen - just a little bit darker than the adults. Join Our Community. Create a account to save favorites, leave a review for your breeder or list your aviary. dna sexing is available for $25 Shipping is available via Delta airlines. Painted conure's $600 Hoffman conure's $600 Rosiefron conure's $450 Rose crowns conure's $600 Emma white ear conure's (pyrrhura leucotis emma) $ 500 White ear conure (pyrrhura leucotis leucotis) $500 we have a few other species we will post from time to time with pricing. Ceilings that are stained with nicotine will need to be washed with sugar soap before any painting can begin, whilst any peeling gloss on woodwork will require a ‘burn off’; a job that takes times and costs extra money in labour. Below is a typical works schedule, it’s based on a rendered house but also applies to brickface.

For example, damp patches can’t just be painted over with the final colour, but need a sealant added first. According to, the cost of a Sun Conure can cost anywhere from $200 to $800. A list of Painted Conure for sale. Although these birds may not chew as recklessly as some species, they will chew, so the cage should be made of a bird-safe powder-coated metal. rendered walls that were previously painted; bricked walls; Works Schedule. If you are having more than one room painted, the price will obviously increase in accordance with the amount that needs painting. There are usually some savings that can be made if you are having more painting work done, as decorators will be able to multitask, preparing a second room while the first is drying and so on.
A single Painted Conure needs a cage at least 24”w by 18”d by 24” h, with a bar spacing of around ½ inch. @Michael Reynolds - Baby painted conure colouring is almost identical to the adult colouring, except for being a bit duller/darker on the whole.

There’s also wallpaper to think about. PetSmart, for example, sells a few Conure species, ranging anywhere from $350 for a Green Cheek to as much as $600 for a Fancy Conure.