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Some of these dwarf tarantulas are found in the genus called Cyriocosmus from Central and South America. I explained this because where you live and housed your collection may change how you care for your tarantula; so these care sheets that I have drafted are relative; this is why I have included the natural habitat of the species in the care sheets. As I've grown to appreciate dwarf tarantulas more lately, I wanted to start a thread about them. Feeders. Care Sheets.

Conservation photography of the American Southwest focusing on cultural resources, archaeology, wildflowers, landscapes, and public land conflicts. Genus Index. Search this site. Store. NW. Source(s): 5 years experience . Another dwarf tarantula is Aphonopelma paloma, a tarantula from Arizona. What's your favorite dwarf species and/or a dwarf species that you feel deserves more recognition? Tarantulas: Supersized Predators Arachnid World Hardcover: Sandra Markle: Books 0 0 0. This dwarf munchkin (chloe) is a great add to my collection as … Paloma Dwarf (Aphonopelma paloma) NW D. Costa Rican Zebra (Aphonopelma seemanni) NW. I currently keep P. scrofa and Hapalopus sp. Unknown (Aphonopelma sp.)

Resources . A site for all your tarantula needs. "Pumpkin Patch", and those two individuals are both fantastic and beautiful spiders. I'm the first person on a Youtube to introduce you to the Aphonopelma Paloma Sp. Home. Some Cyriocosmus tarantulas are beautifully patterned with red and black markings.