When cut up for cooking, the parts generally served are the leg, thigh, breast and wing.

The tail and abdominal fat may or may not be present. Title: Embryology Worksheets Author: OUP Subject: Embryology Worksheets Created Date: It is ideal for oven or even for soup and stews, if cut in parts. Poultry Judging - Parts Of A Chicken Crossword Puzzle Games - This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. The body parts on a chicken are the head, neck, legs, feet, and wings. So, body parts of chicken helps to know about that breed and their variant. Both halves consist of … Poultry Half: The chicken is split in half lengthwise through the breast and back, leaving fairly equal halves consisting of the same parts. Chicken parts! By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Comb.

Use each word only once: beak eye toes breast hock vent comb shanks wattles ear lobe shoulder beak breast eye toes comb shoulder ear lobe wattles vent shanks hock.

Anatomically, the parts of a chicken are the same as for any bird. Quartered WOG. Whole chicken which consists of breast, thigh, wings, neck and back.

A chicken has several body parts. A 4-piece is 2 breast quarters (half breast with back and wing attached) and 2 leg quarters (drumstick, thigh and back, all attached). Small description of different important body parts of chicken are described below. Whole Chicken (WOG) A whole bird without giblets with all parts, including the breast, thighs, drumsticks, wings, back and abdominal fat. There are two main reasons for being able to refer to the different parts of a chicken in the English language, the first being in situations where you wish to describe these animals or understand a conversation about them. It may contain one liver, one stomach and one heart.

Whole Chicken: The chicken with all parts intact, generally including the giblets stuffed in the cavity. Comb is a small ice of meat above the chickens head. List of different parts of a chicken with examples and chicken anatomy pictures. We can also determine healthy and unhealthy chicken by following the body parts of chicken. KEY Parts of a Chicken Color and label the parts of a chicken.

Consists of white and dark meat.