Piscis Austrinus, (Latin: “Southern Fish”) constellation in the southern sky at about 22 hours right ascension and 30° south in declination. α Piscis Austrini(the brightest star of Piscis Austrinus based on the Bayer catalog); or 23 Piscis Austrini(the 23th star in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus based on the Flamsteed catalog).

The system has an apparent magnitude of 5.12 and is approximately 93 light years distant from Earth. The two stars in the system have a period of 178.3177 days. Available Resources for Piscis Austrinus Os Piscis Meridiani, Os Piscis Meridionalis, Os Piscis Notii, Difda al Auwel; 18th brightest star; has a circumstellar disk and one known planet ; suspected variable: ε PsA: ε: 18: 214748: 111954 22 h 40 m 39.33 s −27° 02′ 37.0″ 4.18 −2.61: 744: B8V: suspected variable, V max = 4.12 m, V min = 4.24 m: δ PsA: δ: 23: 216763: 113246 22 h 55 m 56.89 s VISIBILITY RIGHT NOWPiscis Austrinus is below the horizonfrom Greenwich, United Kingdom [change]. Constellation Piscis Austrinus Stars 18 48
Its brightest star is Fomalhaut (from the Arabic for “the fish’s mouth”), the 17th brightest star in the sky, with a magnitude of 1.16. Constellation Piscis Austrinus the Southern Fish, is a southern constellation sitting below constellation Aquarius, and between constellation Centaurus and constellation Cetus. η Piscis Austrini (Eta Piscis Austrini) Eta Piscis Austrini is another multiple star system in Piscis Austrinus.

Piscis Austrinus spans 20 degrees of the Zodiac in the Signs of Aquarius and Pisces, containing 2 named fixed stars. Pi Piscis Austrini is a spectroscopic binary star in Piscis Austrinus.