Free swimming Pleurobrachia bachei or sea gooseberry from North-Western Pacific. Taxon-Order: Cydippida. Author: Cara Mackenzie Common Names: Sea Gooseberry Scientific name: Pleurobrachia bachei Class Tentaculata. Name Homonyms Pleurobrachia bachei A.Agassiz, 1860 Common names Pacific sea gooseberry in English Pazifische Seestachelbeere in German cat's eye in English Pacific sea gooseberry in English Pazifische Seestachelbeere in German cat's eye in English Bibliographic References. Size: Up to 15 mm. Eight rows of comb plates containing fused macrocilia are controlled by an apical organ. Order Cydippida. During spring and summer months, vast numbers of them appear in coastal waters stretching from Friday Harbor, Washington to La Jolla Bay, California.
Useful Facts or Characters: It is not a jellyfish. Pleurobrachia brachei, about 1 cm diameter, captured from Rosario Strait. Habitat: Pelagic, near shore; common in aggregations. Sea Gooseberry from Plankton Tow.

Pleurobrachia bachei . Disclaimer: ITIS taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. Diet: Copepods, larval fish, and other small plankton.
Pleurobrachia bachei A. Agassiz, 1860 Common name(s): Sea gooseberry, Comb jelly, Cat's eye, Sea walnut: Synonyms: Phylum Ctenophora.

Scientific Name: Pleurobrachia bachei Common Name: Sea Gooseberry. Their bodies are composed of 99% water. Sea gooseberries are among the most common comb jellies found in the northern Pacific Ocean. Pleurobrachia has different types of locomotion (controlled by comb plates and the aboral organ). General Characteristics: The sea gooseberry is a comb jelly that can reach a length of 20mm. However, it is not a legal authority for statutory or regulatory purposes. click on image for more illustrations Distribution: Alaska to Mexico. This is a side view with the mouth to the right. Pleurobrachia is a common genus of Ctenophora.Along with the genus Hormiphora, it generally has the common name sea gooseberry.It contains the following species: Pleurobrachia arctica Wagner, 1885; Pleurobrachia australis (Benham, 1907); Pleurobrachia bachei L. Agassiz, 1860; Pleurobrachia brunnea Mayer, 1912; Pleurobrachia dimidiata Eschscholtz, 1829; Pleurobrachia globosa Moser It has two tentacles that can reach 150mm in length. Family Pleurobrachiidae.