Patriarch® polyester is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and is ideal for coastal flag displays.

This 2-Ply Polyester material out performs all other Polyester flags around. Our 2-Ply Polyester fabric is the strongest material we offer and the special stitching on our Steadfast™ Heavy Duty American Flag makes it the most durable American flag in our line up. Spun polyester is the single most durable American flag available. The interment-sized flags are made using Carrot Top’s Patriarch® polyester flag material. An 8' x 12' polyester American flag with rope headers is ideal for roadside businesses and are commonly used by cities, towns, schools, military establishments and a large number of government organizations.

It is made from a 100% 2-Ply spun-woven Polyester Fabric which is designed to help resist high winds. These flags are more than double the size of standard 3’ x 5’ American flags. American Polyester flags are among the most durable on the market, and come in sewn spun polyester or printed polyester. Custom Flags, retractable banners, street pole banners, interior and exterior signage and vinyl wraps. Steadfast™ Winter Grade Polyester American Flag . 2-ply polyester flag fabric – Ideal for high winds, rain or shine.

The American flag deserves to be flown in the most pristine condition as possible as a sign of respect. Polyester American Flags Cotton American Flags G-Spec American Flags ... Polyester flags are ideal for use in areas where windy conditions will cause a nylon flag to deteriorate very quickly. Retail store featuring US flags, Military and decorative flags, State, Indoor and International Flags. Flags made with this special lightweight material are as durable as our two-ply polyester yet have the advantages of nylon: … OUR MOST DURABLE FLAG FOR ALL USES – Buy DURATEX, a tricot knit polyester. United States Flag Store is proud to offer you the best values with great quality in all types of flags. American U.S. Flags - Polyester - When looking for a way to proudly fly the red, white, and blue, a polyester American flag is a smart choice in terms of material. American Flag - Polyester Tough-Tex Polyester Flags Outperforms Other Flags The longest lasting flag made Greatest durability Excellent for high wind areas and extreme weather conditions Commercial and industrial uses 100% 2-Ply Spun Woven Polyester Fabric Resists High winds Open Weave Reduces Fabric Stress for longer Wear One Year Colorfast Guarantee Made by the most experienced flag … For a flag that lasts, choose Steadfast™. Distributor of commercial and residential flagpole sales, service and installation to the WNY area. The flag can also be hung up against a wall in school gyms or similar auditorium-like spaces. 3x5' 2-Ply Polyester American Flag. These flags can also be folded to fit our American flag cases. This 3x5' 2-Ply Polyester American flag features an Embroidered Star Field and Sewn Stripes to provide both beauty and strength.