The ewes have the ability to lamb more frequently than once per year. The Polypay breed was born out of frustration and a dream. Comparative studies with other US domestic breeds have shown the Polypay to have earlier sexual maturity higher fertility and … They are highly prolific and can be bred more than once a year with a high percentage lambing rate. In a farm flock production system, the average number of productive years for Polypay ewes exceeded that of most crossbred types. These qualities make them an excellent foundation for many production systems.

The American Polypay Sheep Association is wrapping up a three-year project that could ultimately lead to enhanced parasite resistance for the breed. Polypay sheep is a dual-purpose animal. It is raised for both meat and wool production. Long-time Idaho sheep man Reed Hulet was frustrated with the production of his family's 600 Idaho range ewes.
They needed more productive sheep to … It is a medium-sized wool sheep (average mature ewe weight of 72 kg) with a smooth body free of excessive skin wrinkles on the neck and body and a poll head. It is a hardy dual-purpose breed with a long sturdy body and legs. Special Notes.

The Polypay was born out of frustration and a dream in the the late 1960's. The Polypay sheep is a synthetic breed of sheep that was developed in the United States of America. The dream was to develop sheep which would produce two lamb crops and one wool crop per year.

Free of excessive wrinkles on neck & body. Polypay sheep were developed in the United States with the goal of developing a breed of sheep known for its maternal characteristics including early fertility, prolificacy, aseasonal breeding, and milk production. The frustration was in needing more productive sheep to make a profit. Free of horns with open white face. The Polypay sheep is a synthetic breed which is noted for being a highly prolific, dual purpose animal. Characteristics of Polypay Sheep General Appearance - Medium sized sheep with symmetrical outline. The ewes produce lambs with rapid growth rate and desirable carcass quality. They are a calm and docile breed that is easy to handle and maintain. The history of the breed and the characteristics we seek to preserve in our standard emphasize this goal. Polypay.