Joint design of China and Germany, our port equipment is your right choice for harbour applications. These cranes give you the pinpoint accuracy, speed, durability, and load control needed in many of the following industries and operations: automotive, trucking, manufacturing, loading docks, aircrafts, marine, warehouses or maintenance. Parts, price, & Service. It is widely used to load and unload containers from ships as well as handle cargoes and stacks of containers at container terminals. With suitable lifting capacity, fast loading speed and long service time, it can greatly improve the working efficiency and liberates the labor force. Portable gantry cranes are an ideal answer to awkward applications like hard to budge cartons or machinery.

There are a lot of gantry cranes in our factory and you can choose a proper gantry crane machine for your business. Port gantry crane is usually used to transport and lift containers, unloading and loading goods, move ships and lift or transport various types of materials. Port gantry crane is an inseparable part of quayside to carry out various lifting tasks. reach stacker, container handler, forklift truck, material handler, and large port cranes like ship-to-shore container crane, portal jib crane, rail-mounted gantry crane, rubber tyre gantry crane can be customerized. Boom: The boom of the gantry crane is hinged at the water side, so that it can be moved up and down as per the requirement of the cargo operation or navigation.For smaller gantry, where there is a fly zone located near the port, low profile booms are used which are pulled towards the gantry … Three Colombo Port workers yesterday commenced a protest on top of a 57 metre gantry crane demanding to install the new cranes that were brought for the Colombo Harbour East Terminal without further delay. Engineers & Inventory. In a modern port environment, reliability and productivity are the key parameters. The protesters ask the authorities to Portal Crane Parts Ltd. supplies crane components and spare parts, specializing in sourcing and procuring all assemblies and parts used in portal cranes, container cranes, rubber-tire gantry cranes, unloaders, bulk handling cranes and mobile port cranes. The gantry cranes used in port have high quality and long service time. SANY port machinery develops a wide range of port equipment for your choice, e.g. Port gantry crane supplied in our group is with high quality and competitive price. Container crane. Portal Crane. The gantry crane for containers: panamax, post panamax, operator, uses, characteristics, ports, docks, transport, maneuvers, parts, container Side loader truck: sidelifter A Sidelifter is a semi-trailer built especially for this purpose, in which a set of cranes specially designed to lift and transport containers is … The Government has previously imported three gantry cranes and placed it at the Jaya Container Terminal of Sri Lanka Ports Authority.