You can use them to cover foundation vents, air vents, floor drains, gutter guards, fan guards, soffit screens, and exposed pipes. Rat mesh and mouse mesh is also more expensive because it contains more metal. Rat proof mesh. Wire Mesh Screens for Rat Control from TWP Inc. At TWP Inc., we have an excellent selection of wire mesh screens and hardware cloth for rat-control. These meshes are not interchangeable. Standard Rodent Mesh (#16 x 0.4mm Wire - Stainless Steel ) - 10m x 75mm Roll . Standard Rodent Mesh (#16 x 0.4mm Wire - Stainless Steel ) - 30m x 75mm Roll . To discourage burrowing, install a strip of 1-inch-di-ameter (2.5-cm) or larger gravel laid in a band at least 2 feet (60 cm) wide and 1/2 foot (15 cm) deep. . Keeps Rats, Mice, Bats, Birds, Insects etc. Rat proofing your house is the one sure way to prevent a rat infestation before it starts, or to keep the problem from reoccurring after a building has been cleared of the rodents. Elcoho 4 Pack 304 Stainless Steel Woven Wire 20 Mesh Metal Mesh Sheet Rodent Control Insect Mesh Pest Proofing Mesh for Windows, Door, Filter, 12 x 8 Inches (4) 4.7 out of 5 stars 89 £10.99 £ 10 .

Not only that, but they multiply insanely fast. Review Rating.

Kingfisher Wire Netting, Small, 13mm Square Mesh, length of … RatMesh Rodent Proofing Wire Metal Mesh - Blocks Rats & Mice (6m x 300mm x 1) 4.8 out of 5 stars 56. Attach 1/4-inch, sturdy wire mesh to the bottom and sides of your compost bin using either staples or another fastener. Br BRILLANTE Copper Mesh for Pest & Rodent Control - Use as a Repellent for Mice, Rats, Snakes, Bats and Insects - 100 Ft Roll. Stuff it into openings around pipes or other holes and cracks in the structure and keep rats, mice, birds and other wildlife out. Rodent Mesh (rats and mice) Firstly, it is very important to note that rodent mesh is not the same as insect mesh. Rodent Proofing Soffit Mesh .

Made of 100% Copper and Non-Flammable, Rodent Proofing Copper Wire is an access control device for preventing rodents, birds and insects from entering into holes in structures.This Rodent Proofing Mesh is made from woven copper wires. Rodent Proofing Copper Mesh - 100 ft.

The Copper Stuf-fit is a copper mesh wool material that is rust-proof and stain-proof.

Mesh screens and hardware cloth can provide a simple yet highly effective solution for keeping rodents and other small animals out of your home, yard, and garden.

So you’re going to want a rat proof garden. Please choose a rating.

£25.89. QueenBird Copper Mesh for Pest Control - 5" X 30 Feet, Blocker for Mouse, Rat, Rodent, Snail, Bird, Bat, Squirrel, Snake, Mice, Bug - DIY Insect Control, Pure Copper Fill Fabric, 100% Copper Roll 4.4 out of … $39.50$39.50.

The Copper Stuf-fit is a copper mesh wool material that is rust-proof and stain-proof. BBRXX 304 Stainless Steel Woven Wire Rodent Proof Mesh Metal,Hole Diameter 1mm,Prevent Mouse Mice Snakes Hornets Rodents Entering,Easy to Cut and Install,120x300cm(47x118inch) $2.99 shipping Copper Mesh for Pest Prevention Mouse Rat Rodent Snail Birds Bat Control Mesh Scrubber Gun Barrels Clean, Various Fit Soft Knitted fabrique 5" x 20FT 25 £15.95 £15.95 Stainless steel welded wire mesh is supplied in rolls and is used to keep out vermin and rodents including rats, mice, rabbits, snakes, possums and foxes and any other animals. Place 1/4-inch wire landscaping mesh approximately 1/2 to 1 inch under the mulch around plants the rats are digging up. 4.4 out of 5 stars 23. 99 (£2.75/Item) £11.99 £11.99

Rats may start eating bulbs or root systems. In fact, a rodent only has a three-week gestation period. Price: £21.99 (Including VAT at 20%) Standard Rodent Mesh (#16 x 0.4mm Wire - Stainless Steel ) - … Because of the way the mesh is woven, it is very difficult for rodents to chew through it. Interior Rodent-Proofing When rats or mice are present in a building, attention must be given to interior as well as exterior rodent-proofing to remove all sources of shelter.