These won't alert any other enemies on the boat. User Info: LOOOPS. So after completing that Ch6 mission where we steal those horses back for the Native Americans I was wondering if I should help Rain Falls or not. PSN: ShaDoW-SlaYa . Use Unarmed Stealth Knockouts To Silence Enemies.

It very well could be something I bought from a fence and didn’t notice: Ginseng, Yarrow, English Mace or Milkweed . Is there a way to still get it or would I need to reload an old save? Place in a glass bottle with a stopper. It’s a choice given to Arthur by Charles. The other horses will … Rain Fall's trinket, is that missable? However, Dutch wants a distraction and he’s assisting Rain Falls in his battle against the army. Basically he’s asking me to convince Rain Falls to not start a fight with the US Army.

Boil over fire until reduced to a sticky liquid. Yes it's missable.

Unequip any weapons and use your bare hands to do silent stealth knockouts. CrimZinShaDoW 1 year ago #1. It mentions Indian medicines and I haven’t noticed it until completion of Rains Falls mission. Mount The Horse Nearest You. (possible spoilers) User Info: CrimZinShaDoW. Recover the relics within 1 minute 30 seconds To start this mission, head north to the Wapiti Indian Reservation, and enter the tent marked on your map to speak with Rains Fall. Instructions: Carefully mix two of each herb in a cup. Once you regain control after the cutscene, find the nearest horse and mount it. 6. CHOICE A: Help Rain's Fall CHOICE B: Don't Help Rain's Fall: 3. LOOOPS 1 year ago #2. I'm reading if I got his artifacts without killing anyone I'd get it, but I killed one guy and have moved on to other quests.