The Pileated Woodpecker is one of the biggest, most striking forest birds on the continent. Plug Woodpecker Holes : On Wood - After you have controlled the insects, patch the hole with an exterior patching compound stained to match the plywood finish. You must have an exceptionally neat woodpecker in … Plugging up holes left by woodpeckers in the following outdoor structures can prevent further woodpecker damage to your property.

Oval holes sound like Pileated Woodpecker. Wood chips pile up under the tree. If you see a set of holes from a woodpecker in a tree and want to know if it’s from a pileated woodpecker, check the shape, if they are rectangular holes, you have a pileated woodpecker nearby. Trees with woodpecker damage primarily confined to … A sure sign of these are the sometimes enormous pile of wood chips below the hole. pileated woodpecker. The Short Answer: These holes are classic foraging holes of the pileated woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus), the largest woodpecker in North America (assuming Campephilus principalis, the ivory billed woodpecker, is extinct). Pileated woodpeckers forage for their favorite meal, carpenter ants, by digging large, rectangular holes in trees. They are one of the most aggressive excavators of all the North American woodpeckers and love to dig into dead trees for carpenter ants and termites. The ones you found do look remarkably regular, as if made by a saw or a wood chisel. Last fall, we watched a male pileated woodpecker chip away at the base of a large dead pine in our yard. Pileated Woodpeckers are famous for pecking out huge holes in trees. Look (and listen) for Pileated Woodpeckers whacking at dead trees and fallen logs in search of their main prey, carpenter ants, leaving unique rectangular holes in the wood. To get at carpenter ants—their preferred food—they dig deep, rectangular-shaped holes often a foot or more in height. It’s nearly the size of a crow, black with bold white stripes down the neck and a flaming-red crest. Although these holes aren't very tall, they nevertheless show the characteristic rectangular shape of Pileated Woodpecker holes. If you can send photos we can tell for sure. Most other woodpecker species excavate holes that are round rather than oblong. On Siding 1) Install metal sheathing (aluminum flashing) over the pecked area as soon as damage begins. Look for piles of wood chips on the ground below, like the shavings on the floor under a carpenter’s workspace. Rectangular holes drilled in a dead tree by a pileated woodpecker.