They may develop a small vocabulary of words. It may sound like silly mumbling, but it is fun to listen to.

Red-lored Amazon parrots are impressive and charming birds prized for their beauty and intelligence. This species is known for having a naughty streak if not trained well, so plan on being a disciplinarian with this bird. Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus was the first to describe the Red-lored Amazon in 1758. Lifespan:60 years of more. The Red Lored Amazon is a very popular pet bird because of their animated antics an incredible talking ability.

Their crown and some neck feathers are bright blue and their cheeks are yellow and have some red and blue-black coloring on the wings. If trained properly at an early age, they can become excellent talkers and singers. Their beak is dark horn-colored.

One of the most popular pet parrots, they have comical personalities, and most have an incredible talking ability, which adds to their appeal. Like most Amazon parrots, red-lored Amazons have a renowned ability to mimic human speech. They pretend like they are talking or that they are a part of your conversation. These select words may be distinct and clear.

In the Wild. In the wild, red-lored Amazon is known to roost with as many as 800 birds at the same site. Red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis - 4 subspecies) - Length 13 inches with a forehead of scarlet red.

The Red Lored Amazon is a woodland parrot, they are a very social bird living in flocks of several hundred individuals.

These Amazons have a fair talking ability with good temperaments.