A few yards upstream from the Strid, the river is … That's the same river. Part of the raging River Wharf, the Bolton Strid is a picturesque stretch of river that looks like the type of place one might find fairies frolicking in the heath. The Strid is a treacherous part of the River Wharfe The inquest was told that on the day the couple disappeared, Desmond Thomas, who was walking near the river with his family, saw a man's body and an anorak in the water at a fast flowing part of the river known as the Strid.
The Strid is a segment of the River Wharfe, which runs past the tranquil ruins of Bolton Priory, an ancient monastery. Flowing between mossy green rocks in the open countryside, the Strid is a …

The Wharfe turns vertical and all that water has cut an unknown depth out of the ground, undercutting rocks, and creating hydraulics that no one will ever see. It has been between these levels for 90% of the time since monitoring began. While one might expect to find a unicorn drinking from its water or a lone knight on an epic quest to save a fair maiden, what they will most likely find instead is their own demise.
The usual range of the River Wharfe at Collingham is between 0.35m and 3.00m. The typical recent level of the River Wharfe at Collingham over the past 12 months has been between 0.11m and 2.68m. Situated near Bolton Abbey, the River Wharfe looks like a perfectly pleasant spot for a country walk.

A small portion of the River Wharfe in North England is a beautiful stretch of river that looks straight out of a fairytale. It has been between these levels for at least 150 days in the past year. It (according to legend) claimed a Scottish prince who tried to jump over it.