Royal Canin Cat Food gets some very mixed reviews from consumers who have fd it to their cats. Been feeding Royal Canin to my kitty since she was only 6 weeks old and she seems to enjoy it. I adopted 3 black kittens at 8 weeks old. The Royal Canin Wet Instinctive Kitten Food Pouch is formulated to match the optimal nutritional profile instinctively preferred by kittens up to 12 months old and gestating queens. This cat food has natural flavoring to improve the taste. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic food at a very reasonable price! The company tends to look at the precise nutrients that an animal needs and how to provide them instead of trying to … It’s highly palatable and specifically formulated to maintain kidney health.

Simple and unfussy, this dry and wet dog food caters to a range of appetites and canine palates. Over the years, the company had always based their products on the knowledge obtained about pets, ensuring they could produce nutritional formulas that meet the exact … More than many pet food companies, Royal Canin is concerned with pet nutrition instead of particular ingredients. Royal Canin was founded in France in 1968 by veterinarian Jean Cathary who had a vision for a pet food company that created products with a science-led approach. 5 varieties available. The range means you can choose the best option for your cats dietary needs and whichever option you choose you know you are giving them great quality food … It has pork by-products added to make this food more protein rich. Bookmark. I fed my female cat Royal Canin dry foods from kitten hood throuh to adult hood and she was very happy on it. She does like the dry kibble more than the wet food but I still offer her a balance throughout the day. Royal Canin Aging 12+ wet cat food has real chicken, chicken live as its protein source.

His training as a veterinarian ensures the company could produce science-based pet foods. I’m only giving it a 4 star because she’s not as wild about the cans as she is … Vet was happy with her health and she never suffered from dental problems.

Royal Canin kitten food is a range of complete dry and wet cat foods for kittens between 4 and 12 months. Royal Canin is a company founded in France in 1968 by Dr. Jean Cathary, who was a professional veterinarian.

Royal Canin is available dry or wet in bags, pouches and cans.

Size: 15 lb Verified Purchase. It’s also rather energy-dense, and your cat is going to get the nutrients that she needs for a whole day. See all 8 Photos & Videos + Add a Photo. As always, Royal Canin comes through with a high quality product at affordable prices.

Add to List. Royal Canin costs vary based on several factors, including the type of food selected and the breed, size and age of the pet. It is cleaner to feed than wet foods and although pricey at first glance it actually works out very reasonable if you calculate the cost per meal in comparison to wet foods.

Kitten Dry Cat Food. In addition to a diverse offering of dry cat food, Royal Canin also provides a variety of wet cat food. The kittens have gotten so big in just a few weeks and they love this food. In general, the brand is beloved by some kitties who are quite fond of the flavor, but it is not recommended very highly by cat owners whose feline friends have allergies. By A69impala on Mar 22, 2020.

The range means you can choose the best option for your cats dietary needs and whichever option you choose you know you are giving them great quality food … The cat food recipes have been formulated for the age of your cat or kitten, as well as the lifestyle of your pet.

As she hits the 4-month mark, your kitten’s growth rate slows down, but playtime becomes more frequent. My veterinarian recommends Royal Canin highly so I got this to supplement their wet food. Share! When the activity level increase so does the need to protect her developing bones, growing muscles, and emerging teeth.