He never talked about his wartime experiences.

We believe he went to the Boer War in 1898-1902.

The Royal Horse Artillery was armed with light, mobile, horse-drawn guns. Biographies, many with photos, of over 26,000 WW1 casualties. Royal Artillery attestations 1883-1942.

WW1 Royal Artillery Volunteers Officer MOVING ROTATING WHEEL Brass Cap Badge . Published: August 1915. % Safety Notice. The Royal Canadian Horse Artillery was placed on active service on 6 August 1914 for instructional and camp administration duties.

£35.00 4d 23h + £17.14 postage. The Royal Horse Artillery, currently consists of three regiments, (1 RHA, 3 RHA and 7 RHA) and one ceremonial unit (King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery).Almost all the batteries of the Royal Horse Artillery have served continuously since the French Revolutionary Wars or Napoleonic Wars, except the King's Troop which has existed since 1946 and M Battery which was 'reanimated' in 1993. Regiment: Royal Horse Artillery.

Born 18th July 1894, Bill Dickinson was in the Royal Horse Artillery during WW1 and certainly served in France in 1918, and maybe before. WWI ROYAL HORSE ARTILLERY CAP BADGE ** WARWICKSHIRE ** RARE. The salute is fired at midday by the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery. The Queen's birthday is April 21st, but salutes are not fired on Sundays and take place the next day if the date falls on a Sunday.

This set includes two field guns, a full team of horses, a gun limber and a full crew. Officer, 1860: Officer and Gunners, 1861: Royal Artillery, 1863: Gunner and Sergeant-Major, 1861 For the period 1716 to 1877 Battery Records of the Royal Artillery compiled by MES Laws (two volumes: Volume 1, 1716-1859 and Volume 2, 1859-1877, published in 1952 and 1970), is a comprehensive guide to battery stations that also helps navigate the frequent renumberings that took place. He made the rank of Sergeant, but declined a Commission.

Royal Horse Artillery. For … Other Information: Additional name information from the Lives of the First World War website. WARNING Not suitable for children under … Both were officially designated as gunners - though I know my granddad drove horses pulling guns at various times. Address: 27 Battle Road, St Leonards. ... My granddad and his cousin, both horsemen on a farm before the war, went into the Royal Garrison Artillery. THE BATTLE OF YPERS (Part 1) Order World War 1 - An Unkept Promise ... We got some food and tea from the infantry - with some straw from the stack and blanket from our horse, we had the best bed we had had for some time.