Originally made by Liquid Snake X3Ent3nte at Gamebanana.

some parts, you think you will have several zombies, but there is nothing, in map 3 for example, climbing the tower was very easy.

Learn the horrors of what has happened to Shadow Moses and avoid becoming infected with FOXDIE, a deadly virus that has plagued this universe, turning every living soldier into flesh hungry zombies. Some areas look weird like the stairs, to let you know as of right now I'm not gonna fix it.

If not, time for me to get cracking on this; because it would be awesome to see shadow moses … Game Play & Features Bonus map areas from VR missions, Metal Gear Solid 4, Podcasts and print material. Only areas missing are the two tank hanger basements and the 2nd floor basement of the nuclear storage building.

Shadow Moses map.

----- DESCRIPTION: A map based on the theme of Metal Gear Solid. Shadow Moses. The map was based on Airam Hernández's Dock that was in his Fan Legacy Map. In order for this map to work you first need to install "Custom Props Add-On" made by Shaezbreizh, If you haven't already. Shadow Moses Island Left 4 Dead 2 ... cool, easy and well done map.

Welcome to Shadow Moses Island, survivors. MGS: Shadow Moses Island A tribute to one of the greatest series in video game history. Basic Info: This map is a remake of the originial Heliport from Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes. Subscribed.

Seond map is out and about, I …

The Fox Islands (Russian: Лисьи острова) are a group of islands in the eastern Aleutian Islands of the U.S. state of Alaska.The Fox Islands are the closest to mainland North America in the Aleutian chain, and just east of Samalga Pass and the Islands of Four Mountains group.

The map was based on Airam Hernández's Heliport that was in his Fan Legacy Map. Although, to be more specific.


Full version now available for download! all chapters have more than 1 tank spread out, but that's not a problem. This Minecraft adventure map is based on the island of Shadow Moses from Metal Gear Solid on PSX (1998). While the level is not built to be 100% accurate to it's source material, as several features were either added or taken away. You can find this map under the "other" category. Basic Info: This map is a remake of the Dock from Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes.

Does anyone have access to or is anyone able to find a perfect replica of Shadow Moses? The entire MGS1 map. In the near future I'll probably fix it Dock Xml:This File is the dock without any Npc's in the area. SO! A map based on the concept and design of the Shadow Moses Island nuclear disposal facility.