(*) Denotes waters where the use or possession of bait fish is prohibited. lake or stream) from the list above. Even among the region’s bass anglers, Roosevelt often gets overlooked. So, grab your rods and head out to these five great fishing spots in Washington State. ... Full Report » Area 7 San Juan Islands. Located approximately 25 miles south of Greenville on Highway 1, Washington is a closed-off oxbow of the Mississippi River; as such, fluctuations in the river don’t affect the lake in the same way as other oxbows, making it a unique fishery among Delta lakes. The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. Fishing Spots in Washington County. Lake Washington is the largest of the three major lakes in King County, and the second largest natural lake in the State of Washington.

The nice thing is that there are probably millions of perch in Lake Washington. Editor’s Note: The seventh stop on our year-long Catfish Hotspots tour takes us back to The Delta to Lake Washington, which was famous for its catfish production long before it became known as the snake hand-grabbing capitol of the world. Reel Time Fishing. Lake Sammamish Winter Cutthroat Trout Fishing Spots.
The lake is large, and each section is home to a full population of smallmouth bass. Here’s all you need to know to go load up your boat. Bass Fishing Washington: Lake Roosevelt.

Steelheading on the Clearwater River is the trip for you! Open to fishing year-round, this large lake between Seattle and Bellevue holds dozens of fish species, but the principal game fish attractions are Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Black Crappie. Western Bass Fishing ; Lake Washington Hot Spots Sign in to follow this . www.clearwaterrivercompany.com. Find out both where to fish and where to boat throughout the U.S. Use our interactive map to search for the best places to fish near you, the best places to boat, local fishing spots, localized fishing maps, including top spot fishing maps and fishing lake maps. Lake Kapowsin, Rapjohn Lake, Mineral Lake, Silver Lake and Lake Whitman are also productive fishing spots in the southwest corner of the state. Lake Washington’s two major influent streams are the Cedar River at the southern end, and from the north, water from Lake Sammamish via the Sammamish River. About Fishing Hot Spots for Lake Washington near Hollandale So you're interested in fishing Lake Washington. www.reeltimefish.com. Riffe Lake is one of southwest Washington's best-known fishing spots, particularly for smallmouth bass, which congregate in rocky areas around the western shore. Lake Washington is the largest lake in the Seattle Area at nearly 22,000 acres and supports just about every game fish in the region. Click on one of the pins for detailed information on a specific Hot Spot. It's the map successful anglers have asked for by name for more than two decades. This 130-mile-long lake which was created after the construction of the Grand Coulee dam is a fishing paradise in eastern Washington. The lake holds most all species of spiny rays as well as several species of trout. Each Hot Spots Map is thoroughly researched, the information verified and cartography done digitally, with the most current and accurate GIS tools, to ensure an easy-to-read, accurate and affordable map. Suggest Your Hot Spot. You can also find an abundance of landlocked salmon at Riffe Lake, along with trout and panfish.

Refine the list by searching for a specific state or location type. Fishing Hot Spots Map sets the standard for others to follow. Nearby Lake Sammamish is also excellent, with cutthroat trout, smallmouth bass and yellow perch. Hot Spots for Roosevelt Lake. The table below is a list of brook trout waters in this county. Waterproof Fishing Hot Spots Maps for Lakes in Wisconsin Made of durable, waterproof material, these Wisconsin State maps include features to help make that fishing trip a success.