A .22 rim-fire bullet can travel for over 1 mile and still injure or … I was staying at my moms house for a week. All they had was an old single shot pellet rifle to kill them with. In at least a dozen states I have bothered to look, starlings are considered a non-native, invasive species and open to … Cincinnati wasn’t the only city to shoot starlings. “The shooting Downtown wasn’t easy, but we didn’t even break a pane of glass,” Wood said. We would get large flocks of both flying around, and my brother and I had a Winchester Mod 1200 20 gauge and we really got practiced up on those fast flying starlings. The Mossberg SA-20 ($469)is a gas-operated, 20-gauge shotgun that’s perfect for your quail or duck hunts. I too grew up shooting those pesky starlings, along with english sparrows. I think the pellet gun makes it better sport, especially on the long range shots. She has a farm, and the starlings like to get up under her roof. I have shot starlings and found that if you can find a group of them feeding on the ground and shoot them on the ground, you won't kill all of them, some you will miss and they will fly off, some you will only wound and they will hop around and flop around and give you some time to reload while the flock mills around the wounded birds, this is when you can kill the shit out of them. Assuming it is legal to shoot starlings where you live and that you're going to be shooting upwards (either in a barn or at birds in trees) I wouldn't recommend a .22 rim-fire rifle due to safety reasons. The starlings we toss for the raccoons, fox, cats, or whatever else wants them. I took out 14 starlings with a .177 pellet gun using copperhead ammo in 5 days. The Internet's Best Resource for Shotgun Information. You're bringing back memories Cheezywan. Mourning and whitewing are also game with a season and can only betaken with a shotgun, typically in a split season, but the Eurasian are anytime, any number, by any method of take. When it comes to a small area like a pond or creek, or shooting quail hiding in the thickets, many hunters make the 20-gauge their go-to shotgun.