One species (aspis viper) is relatively common, the other (meadow viper) is rare. The grass snake is common in Tuscany. Re: snakes in tuscany countryside. Tour Utah National Parks: The Mighty 5 & beyond Travel Guide - Duration: 1:30:20.

Anyhow for these snakes you need a specific serum so even if you have tablets it doesn't help at all. Both of these European viper species have what scientists call "true" venom glands, which have a duct that connects to a fang. The poison of the Vipera aspis … There is also the 'orbitina' which is brown … The West is Big! There are nose-horned vipers (Viperidae) present throughout Italy and especially the Tuscany region. Habitat. Hi, poisonous snakes in Tuscany can only be VIPERS but just in some areas and dangerous in case of outdoor activies (such as farmers, mushrooms keeper,etc.)

Snakes in Val di Chiana, Toscana. According to our sources in the literature, there are only 2 types of poisonous snakes in Tuscany and throughout central Italy.

Like most snakes, these two viper species are not commonly seen and are likely just as afraid of humans as humans are of them. Italy is home to several poisonous snake species, including the asp viper and the horned viper. It was probably what we call a 'serpe', a grass snake. Asps and Adders. Vipers have a pointed nose, dark in colour with black markings. I don't think these will be your cases. Are There Snakes in Cortona? Vipera aspis: This is the most common poisonous snake in Central Italy including Tuscany. The hills and woodlands to the east and north of Cortona provide great cover for all types of snake, including... Vipers.
Poisonous snakes in Tuscany.