It's generally very interesting that brown and striped hyenas severely outclass the spotted hyena in terms of bite force; I didn't know that. The largest saltwater crocodiles delivered a crushing 16,414N, more than 3.5 times that of the previous record-holder, the spotted hyena.

While a wolf has an average bite force of 400 pounds, it can go to over 1200 pounds if it needs to. Its social organisation is unlike that of any othe Lion - 650 PSI. Let Us Put The Deadly Bite Force Of The Hyena In Perspective For You.
Spotted Hyena. The Spotted hyena is even bigger and would thus be a good match against the European wolves.

Gorilla - 1300 PSI . Post Dec 04, 2019 #4 2019-12-04T17:50. Kleptoparasite. But the Brown hyena and the Striped hyena would be similar in size to wolves. 1,654 383. You may underestimate hyena as an animal that only feeds on leftover by other animals. Spotted Hyena - 1100 PSI. (from left to right: BM in kg, BF (canines) in N, BF (carnassial notch) in N, BFQ (canines), BFQ (carnassial notch)) EyeoftheJag. The spotted hyena is the most social of the Carnivora in that it has the largest group sizes and most complex social behaviours. They have exceptionally powerful jaws. The truth is, most time, they find food themselves by hunting. 8 Spotted Hyena – Bite Force : 1100 psi A well-known scavenger of Africa.

The spotted hyena is native to Africa and can be found in Botswana, of all the large carnivores in Africa, they hold the highest population. To put that in perspective, Kangals have the strongest bite force of any dog species, 700psi and, a grizzly bear has a bite force of 1200 psi.

Tiger - 1050 PSI. Their bite force measured at 1100 pounds per square inch (psi), which is more powerful than lions and tigers. Male jaguars usually range from 123–212 pounds, with some weighing 348 pounds, but those are abnormal giants of the species, the same way some humans are unnaturally large. Hyenas range in size, from approximately 2.8 feet long to 5.4 feet long.

EyeoftheJag . 1,654 383. That's slightly more force than a hyena … Source = Huffpost . They can weigh up to 140 pounds, and the spotted hyena features an impressively strong bite force, 1100 pounds per square inch. The Spotted Hyena is the largest of the hyena family which also includes the brown hyena, the striped hyena, and the aardwolf. Humans - 150 PSI.
1100 psi. Most sources say the hyena bite is around 1100 psi, but Wikipedia says it is 11,400, however I couldn’t find any other sources which could corroborate this claim. Having said that, the hyena has one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom, having even been observed crushing giraffe bones. They have an unusual appearance due to their long powerful neck, uneven leg length (front legs are longer), and short thick yellow-grey fur which is covered in a spot pattern.