Although spotted turtles are a relatively small species, as they grow, the size of their indoor enclosure needs to increase. Planning on buying one... Want to keep her year round indoors I have no garden! Scientifically termed Clemmys guttata, the spotted turtle is a small freshwater turtle.

However, as the turtle becomes adult, the whole shell gets black colored. For an aquarium I would want a 75 gal tank as a minimum for an adult. Habitat destruction, road kills, over collecting, pollution and higher racoon populations all have led to the protection of this species through out their natural range. What tank size does an adult require? Platinum Tortoise Club.

Be sure to set the tank up for a spotted properly. Thread starter Freddy90; Start date May 18, 2020; May 18, 2020 #1 F. Freddy90 New Member. Spotted turtles are well-suited to captivity. Adequate space is important. Plastron of spotted Turtle: The color of the lower portion of the shell is majorly yellow and orange yellow and it is also dotted with black marks, quite the reverse of the visible portion of the shell.

It is also possible to keep this species as a group in a larger tank. My spotted turtles are not as hard on live plants as other turtles, so you will probably have good luck with plants.

… 10 Year Member! Like all turtles, it is important to feed them the right diet, provide appropriate lighting and heating, and to keep their water and enclosure clean to keep them in excellent health.
I personally use a few 6 foot long garlands of plastic plant I buy at a craft store here called Michaels. Because of Clemmys guttata small size and gentle disposition a tank size of about 0.8 x 0.5 x 0.5 meters (2.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 feet) is sufficient for one spotted turtle. Joined Apr 30, 2020 Messages 2 Location (City and/or State) Austria.

Tortoise town has some fantastic beautifully colored spotted turtles for sale (also known as North American spotted turtles for sale) The spotted turtle is known as perhaps the prettiest turtle in North America, is a freshwater turtle that lives in a … Most spotted turtle hatchings and younger spotteds love to eat worms, baby or small worm like red wigglers, or small night crawlers and pretty much anything offered to them. Some common aquatic turtle conditions worth being aware of … Frequent partial water changes and a complete weekly change will help you maintain a healthy turtle tank. Only through the efforts of breeders is this species available for keepers.
Spotted Turtles, also known as “polka-dot” or “starry-night,” turtles aren’t like any other turtle you’ll see. The species, though often confused with the Blanding’s turtle, can be distinguished by the irregular, yellow spots on its black carapace (upper portion of the shell). The number and placement of their spots completely varies, making every Spotted Turtle totally unique.

Spotted Turtle - Information On The Facts, Habitat, Care and Diet For Spotted Turtles. Of course bigger is better, but a spotted adult would do well in that size. Insects, worms, tadpoles and other amphibians are favored foods, and some vegetation, including algae, may be eaten. Spotted Turtle populations have come out on the short end of interaction with man for some time now. I drop that in the tank and it makes a fantastic plant filled water area the turtles love to hang and hide in. They do well in a 20-gallon-long aquarium, but larger tank sizes (e.g., a 33-gallon long) are even better. Male spotted turtles are aggressive towards each other and should be kept with females or alone.