Not often seen on a classic cocktail list, this will not fail to impress at your next cocktail party. Fossil springbok are known from the Pliocene; the antelope appears to have evolved about three million years ago from a gazelle-like ancestor.Three fossil species of Antidorcas have been identified, in addition to the extant form, and appear to have been widespread across Africa.

ounce green creme de menthe. In a shot glass add Creme de Menthe on bottom of glass and then add baileys on top of creme de menthe, thus making the effect as what the cocktail is called. find a bar. party themes.

drinks by ingredient. Layering it, makes a pretty shot that is creamy with a delicious hint of mint. Ingredients: 1 part Creme de Menthe 1 part Irish Cream Directions: Pour one part Creme de Menthe into a shot glass; Slowly add Irish Cream (or Amarula, Cape Velvet Cream, Baileys) to shot glass, using the back of a spoon to ensure that liqueurs don't mix.

1 . Springbok Flag Large 152cm x 96cm R 120.00 including VAT (SA) Add To Cart; Springbok Mens Home Jersey 2020 R 799.00 including VAT (SA) Shop All Options; Springbok Mens Away Jersey 2020 R 799.00 including VAT (SA) Shop All Options; Springbok Medium Flag 92cm x 59cm R 100.00 including VAT (SA) Add To Cart; Springbok Womens Home Jersey 2020 SERVES: 1. Email This BlogThis! my drinks. By a warm fire.

Two of these, A. bondi and A. australis, became extinct around 7,000 years ago (early Holocene).

It's delicious and leaves your mouth tasting good. Layer this into a shot glass. browse drinks. Springbok Shots / Springbokkies. Recipe by Charlotte J. Layer this into a shot glass. Recipes / Beverages. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. 1 . 3/4 oz white creme de menthe 1/4 oz amarula cream liqueur 1 dash cream. bottom 20 drinks. I'll third it. articles. search.

drinking games. A Springbokkie is a shooter made from Amarula Cream and peppermint liqueur.

most disputed. Springbok. Springbok drinklab_pp8qvo February 16, 2017 All Cream , Amarula Cream Liqueur , Cream , Layered , No Photo , Recipe , S , S Shots , Shot , White Creme De Menthe 0 from 0 votes Take the whole thing in your mouth and swish around until done (5-10 seconds). Then the lime juice. I've only killed two Springboks. posted by WolfDaddy at 5:04 PM on December 22, 2004 .

new drinks. 4. Keep both hands behind the back and grip the glass with mouth, tilt your head backwards and drink in single go.

Definitely good for last drink of …

posted by Mayor Curley at 5:00 PM on December 22, 2004 . 1/2 oz (15 ml) Baileys Irish Cream: 1/2 oz (15 ml) Kahlua Coffee Syrup: Whipped Cream: Directions: Build Irish cream and Kahlua in a shot glass and top with whipped cream. South African Springbok drink recipe made with Creme de Menthe,Irish Cream,. Ingredients 30ml peppermint liqueur 30 ml amarula cream liqueur. Springbok recipe. Gross but fun.

This super-classy cocktail is made with Baileys, coffee liqueur, and raspberry liqueur. drinks by type. add drink. Posted by Bizzi B's Best Biltong at 25.10.10.