Stone Music Entertainment is a privately-held company under CJ ENM. So as we know now 3 of the girls are in Idol School but not with Pledis, they are under Stone Music with Fromis_9 member Jang Gyuri (who won in Idol School) So now, the 6 members are all under Stone Music and all 6 has been in 2 survival shows They are not just a record label, but also a talent agency and music production company. It is one of the biggest co-publisher companies in South Korea. Stone Music Entertainment has announced they will be working with n.CH Entertainment to launch a new boy group through a new Mnet global idol project. For a sub of IZONE-only content, check out /r/izone So also there was a girl group "Idol School Class 1" preformed in Japan MAMA 2017. r/Produce48: The subreddit for Produce48 and Produce101 China. Stone Street Entertainment, LLC, based in Waldorf, Maryland, currently provide artist management services and conduct live jazz and blues music events. They established their own exclusive label Off The Record Entertainment to manage the winners of the popular Korean singing program Produce 48. Big Hit espouses to become a content platform company that can provide healing to all who love music across their entire lifestyle. Stone Music Entertainment is the leader of the worldwide K-POP sensation. Standing on top of Korea's music industry with the largest scale of investment, production and distribution, Stone Music Entertainment's exceptional operation drives the global music scene. Committed to the mission of “Music & Artist for Healing,” comforting and inspiring people around the globe through our music and artist, Big Hit Entertainment continues to make new innovations to the music industry business model.