Remember to place the cage in an accessible spot in your home, but out of … Temperament Sugar gliders are very active, playful, intelligent, and inquisitive animals. Sign In; Wishlist; Cart (0) Submit. There are many … Housing.

Sugar gliders should be housed in as large a cage as possible to enable them to jump, leap, and glide around. Sugar Glider’s urine is very acidic. Never feed your glider any dry diets that are not made for sugar gliders (Ex. Make sure you use non-toxic wood.

The most common cause of injuries or death in the home include: 1) Drowning in open containers of fluids, such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, or buckets 2) Burns from landing on stovetops, light bulbs, toasters, coffee pots, etc.

It’s best to have a wide variety of toys for your sugar glider, this keeps them busy, gives them mental stimulation and helps them learn, as well. Sugar gliders like to eat up high so containers that attach to the side of the cage often work best. Housing the Sugar Glider. Securely locked, metal cages with bar spacing no more than 0.5” apart are best, as sugar gliders are notorious escape artists. Sugar gliders are hardy and don’t have a lot of health problems. Sugar gliders have been used as test subjects in laboratory experiments investigating serotonin deficiency depression. Sugar Glider Food Bowls. None of these foods have the nutritional requirements that gliders need.

Their housing and dietary requirements are reasonable. Sugar Glider Care and Housing. Features of it? In the long run, bigger is always better! Nevertheless, bigger is much better, especially when it comes to keeping a sugar glider, and the height of their cage must be highly considered, than the floor space.

Bigger is always better, and the height is more valuable than the floor space due to the climbing and gliding activities of these little marsupials. (Strahan, 1995).

A pair of sugar gliders would do well in a cage that is 24 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 36 inches high. More info coming shortly, if you have some to contribute please contact us.


Need tons of space to glide arboreal-branches, perches sleeping pouch no sipper bottles too much light=stress. Proper Sugar Glider Housing (Cages & Setup) (713) 446-4415. There are larger cages out there. Most owners only have 2, so the minimum size […] The minimum cage requirements will be just fine for 2-3 gliders of any age. The reaction with this wire can result in UTI’s for your sugar gliders and trips to the vet for antibiotics. Where are female sugar glider scent glands?

The number of sugar gliders you have in each colony will determine the appropriate cage size to suite their needs. Lucky You Gliders - Housing - Welcome to Lucky You Gliders! See more ideas about Sugar glider, Gliders, Baby animals. Sugar Glider Care and Housing.