Non-profit organisation. Create New Account. If you are interested in rehoming a Sussex Spaniel Please contact the Rescue & Rehoming Co-ordinator: Mrs Helen Boniface, Hill Cottage, Horsley Lane, Coxbench Derby DE21 5BH, Tel: 01332 880359 email: The Sussex Spaniel tend to have a long, low, “rectangular” body, coupled with a muscular and rather massive physique. Pluis Davern has excelled, not only in spearheading the creation of spaniel hunt tests, but in focusing her field and obedience experience to direct Search and Rescue training and service. I The Sussex Spaniel was among the first ten breeds recognized by the AKC in 1884. It was developed in the 1800s in Sussex, England. 8 talking about this. The Sussex Spaniel is the only Spaniel that bays on the hunt.

Sussex Spaniel Rescue on Facebook. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Related pages: Sussex Spaniel Rescue UK Animal Rescue Founded in 1981, The Sussex Spaniel Club of America is the official National Breed Club dedicated to the protection and preservation of the breed. Sussex Spaniel Puppy Register. 81 Sussex Spaniel Dogs have been adopted on Rescue … Sussex Spaniel Rescue on Messenger.

The Sussex Spaniel is a rarer breed of dog and can be difficult to find a breeder in your area. We are Spaniel Assist Rescue & Re-Homing Voluntary Non-Profit Association Founded in July 2015 by Dawn Clough who works tirelessly with volunteers to make sure that each and every Spaniel is placed in the right home for their individual needs. Sussex owners are a proud kind of owner! Sussex Spaniels may be combative with strange dogs. Clumber Spaniel Club Tel 01453 812210 Clumber Spaniel Club. Not Now. Josephine is extremely frightened and has waited four whole years in rescue to be saved. Share Specimens of the Sussex competed in Britain as far back as 1862. But the average price for a puppy is between $1500.00 - $2000.00, but every breeder is different and will price their puppies differently. Page transparency See More. Sussex Spaniel Club of America ~ Rescue-Dogs Rescues Sussex Spaniel. I'm a paragraph.

The Cocker Rescue Scheme Tel 01273 890701 The Cocker Spaniel Club. 873 people like this. If you are looking for a puppy and wish to go on the Puppy waiting List please provide your phone number and address, to the contact details below: For those planning a litter, in order to go on the Puppy Register to receive enquiries, you must have been an SSA member for over 2 years and agree to abide by the SSA Code of Ethics Woof! Sussex Spaniels would probably have died off during World War II were it not for a dedicated breeder named Joy Freer who saved eight dogs. Anything Look…Weird? Look at pictures of Sussex Spaniel puppies who need a home. Sussex Spaniels can make good watchdogs. Celebrating the specialty of this rare breed! I Found a Sussex Spaniel Needing Rescue. Sussex Spaniel Rescue Information: The Sussex Spaniel is a thickset, powerful dog. Click here to add your own text and edit me. However, Sussex Spaniels are very companionable, especially with children.

Pluis Davern. Sussex Spaniels are more reserved than other Spaniels.

6377 Sterling Court, Delta, BC V4C 7Y7, Canada (860) 564-3043 (860) 564-3043. Their movement is deliberate and rolling because of their short legs and comparatively wide body, a gait that emphasizes power over speed. A dog can be killed by eating just a few pieces of chewing gum or other product containing Xylitol. The Field Spaniel Society Tel 01825 840211 Field Spaniel Society. The Sussex Spaniel is named after Sussex, England, where the first and most important kennel of these dogs was established. Find a Rescue Dog. Sussex Spaniel Association Tel 01933 665562 Sussex Spaniels. Click ABOUT for links. The Sussex Spaniel is a fairly rare breed.

About See all. Find a. The Sussex Spaniel is a breed of dog native to Sussex in southern England. Why buy a Sussex Spaniel puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Log In. Look at pictures of Sussex Spaniel puppies who need a home. Sussex Spaniel Rescue Organizations.

Community See all. Founded in 1981, The Sussex Spaniel Club of America is the official National Breed Club dedicated to the protection and preservation of the breed. Contact the Sussex Spaniel Breeder Referral Liaison. It is a low, compact spaniel and is as old a breed as and similar in appearance to the Clumber Spaniel.They can be slow-paced, but can have a clownish and energetic temperament.

Many of us would like to see our dogs instincts at work – in the field, on the hunt, herding, or retrieving on land… Join Now. 922 people follow this. This is not a breeder referral page. Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club Tel 01782 551026 SIWSC. English Springer Spaniel Welfare. Rescue Me! Fin. Contact Rescue Me! Forgotten account? or. 2011 AKC Breeder of the Year – Sundowner Sussex Spaniel