There have been about 50 sightings of Swainson’s hawks in Ohio, so it would be a great find if you happened to stumble upon one. Although Swainson's Hawk is big enough to prey on rodents, snakes, and birds (and does so, while it is raising young), at most seasons it feeds heavily on large insects instead. About the size of the European buzzard, Swainson's hawks are dark-brown birds, rusty brown on … - NatureWorks An extensive multimedia section displays the latest photos, videos and audio selections from the Macaulay Library. Swainson's Hawk Life History Habitat.

A common color pattern for the adult Swainson's Hawk is dark brown plumage with a brown chest and a pale belly.

It is dark brown above with a lighter brown chest and a white belly. Miranda Krestovnikoff presents the North American Swainson's hawk. - Wildlife Journal Junior In Washington, almost 90% of their diet is made up of ground squirrels. Groups of soaring or …

When it is perched, its wings extend beyond its tail. Swainson's Hawk: Finnish: preeriahiirihaukka: French: Buse de Swainson: Icelandic: ... diet, sounds, behavior, breeding, current population status, and conservation. Other Physical Features; endothermic; bilateral symmetry

The Swainson's hawk is a raptor with a thin body and narrow wings that migrates impressive distances. Flocks are often seen sitting on the ground in fields where there are many grasshoppers or caterpillars. Males and female look alike. It has a short, hooked bill and slightly pointed wings.

This bird is commonly confused with a Red-tailed hawk, but the Swainson's Hawk has a longer wingspan, more variation in color, and flies in a slight dihedral pattern (Brown 1996, AID 1997). Swainson's hawk is a large hawk 18-22 inches in length with a wingspan of four feet. Swainson's hawk is a raptor and a medium-sized member of the genus Buteo.It broadly overlaps in size with the red-tailed hawk (B. jamaicensis), a related species found as a breeding resident almost throughout North America.Swainson's hawk is on average a little shorter in length, 43–56 cm (17–22 in) long, and weighs a bit less, 0.5–1.7 kg (1.1–3.7 lb).
The breeding-season diet of the Swainson's Hawk is similar to that of other temperate-zone buteos; young are fed rodents, rabbits, and reptiles.

4 CNDDB (2001) records of Swainson’s hawk nesting in the northeast section of the ECCC HCP/NCCP inventory area.

Diet During the breeding season, Swainson's Hawks eat many small mammals.

Swainson's Hawks often nest peripheral to riparian systems. Swainson's hawk is a large hawk 18-22 inches in length with a wingspan of four feet. Look For Compared to other buteos, such as the red-tailed hawk, the Swainson’s hawk has a thinner body and longer, more tapered wings in flight.

However, the Swainson's Hawk has a slightly longer wingspan and slimmer wings that other soaring hawks. Diet and Nutrition Swainson's hawks are carnivores and eat mainly insects and mammals. Mammals make up the bulk of the diet during breeding season, when... Nesting.

These elegant gray, white, and brown hawks hunt rodents in flight, wings held in a shallow V, or even run after insects on the ground.