The floating gator heads that are designed for swimming pools do not have the same success. They tend to be a bit more realistic.

The Real decoy water motion decoy options give you True lifelike movement that only real waterfowl can mimic. Add a real decoy swimmer in your X and watch the Ducks and geese lock on to it and finish Right where you want them. Contact Us Higdon Outdoors LLC 2800 Adams Street Paducah, KY 42001 1-270-443-8739 Email Us The Duck Thang is powered by a 12 volt DC deep cycle battery. EXPERT TIP #5 Be Strategic. It boasts natural swimming action and simulates live waterfowl movement. Now your spread is alive! Excellent for windless days, and can also tow additional decoys for better placement of your … The first is a full dabbling motion where the head of the decoy falls under water and the butt end of the decoy is pulled up. Finally, there is a Swimmer on the market that will swim in trashy Duck Water…..the MOJO Swimmer has two small jet pumps mounted inside a special molded base that intakes water right under the water surface to prevent trash from clogging up the pumps. A floating alligator decoy will do the trick, but find one that is designed to keep unwanted guests away from koi ponds. The Duck Thang is the only waterfowl decoy motion system available capable of swimming dozens of decoys in a lifelike manner. The key is being strategic. All the floating duck decoys you need for an awesome spread, at the prices you're looking for from the brands you love. They tend to be a bit more realistic. Supplementing your decoy spread with motion isn't guaranteed to increase your harvest, but it's hard to argue against it. Welcome to the 21st century of decoy spreads. Simply attach a decoy-cord and weight and drop into the water for a quick set-up.
The Flashback has three motions depending upon how the hunter wants to use it. No problem! The decoy requires nine inches of water to perform this motion. A swimming decoy is essentially a decoy that floats on the surface that uses a small motor to push it around, essentially giving the appearance of a duck swimming on the surface.

Trashy Duck Water? Decoy is powered by the included internal 12V lithium ion battery and timer that is built within the decoy housing that swims the decoy intermittently. This swimming motion naturally creates added realism to your set-up.
With the new Duck Thang waterfowl Decoy motion system, a duck or goose hunter can now enjoy the thrill of hunting over a spread of live decoys legally. The Swim'N Duck has been proven to bring waterfowl in closer than any other motion decoy. Putting a low-key motion decoy, like a swimmer, exactly in the spot where you want the ducks to land is also a great tactic."