Crane runway systems can be either hard-mounted or soft-mounted.

Facebook: When the trolley rides as smoothly as possible across the bridge, and the bridge along the runways, you’ll enjoy more productive, dependable service from your overhead crane. Box 1470 Bessemer, AL 35021 1 (800) 241-2260 (205) 424-7245 . Home About Us Products Services Resources Store Contact. Measurements determined by rail size and diameter of crane wheel. Do not use at end of crane run. Crane Stops, Bumpers, Rail Sweeps and Guards. We supply single-boom cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 1 to 30 tonnes. (iii) A stop engaging the tread of the wheel shall be of a height at least equal to the radius of the wheel. Birmingham Rail & Locomotive P.O.
Single-boom cranes can also be used in a duo-lift setup to double the total lifting capacity. (ii) Stops shall be fastened to resist forces applied when contacted. Such factors as frequency of use, width of the span, weight of the rail, environmental conditions, and size of the crane will determine which system is best for the project. Contact Us. Aldon Company introduces a new style of crane stop for use where conventional crane stop attaching plates interfere with rail hook bolts. Temporary Crane End Stops: ASCE#40, ASCE#60. Related products. On impact, stops slide only marginally or not at all. Box 1470 Bessemer, AL 35021 1 (800) 241-2260 (205) 424-7245 Facebook: Photo Gallery ( View all images ) Contact Us: Birmingham Division; Wedge dogs lock wedge to rail head and do not interfere with hook bolts. For each required capacity, a different configuration is assembled. Stops shall be fastened to resist forces applied when contacted. Factory/Headquarters: 5755 Grant Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44105 Phone: 800-860-6680 The new Non-Slide stops feature dogs which clamp the upright wedge to the rail. 5-10 ton Capacity Hook Block, free shipping in continental US $ 4,000.00 Select options; Contact Us Today. (e) Where other cranes are in operation on the same runway, rail stops or other suitable means shall be provided to prevent interference with the idle crane The dogs barely drop beneath the head of the rail, for maximum clearance. Non-Slide Crane Stops. Non-Slide Overhead Crane Stops. Birmingham Rail & Locomotive P.O. Recommended wherever below rail head clearance is minimal and where a non-sliding crane stop is needed.

Houston Rail Division; Switch Division; Locomotive Division; Birmingham Division; Catalog. Review PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS before ordering. Crane Stops; Crane Rail; Gallery; Contact . One of many temporary crane types Conbit supplies is the single-boom (or derrick) crane.