Cv = 12.0 OPERATING PARAMETERS ... tescom catalog.pdf Author: Richard.johansson Emerson Automation Solutions - TESCOM.
Applications • Pump discharge pressure control •® Reactor pressure control • Over-pressurization relief Features and Benefits ... TESCOM catalog or on some people work with pressure regulators all of their lives and never know what is really going on inside. Click on a product line under PRODUCTS to begin your search and download a PDF file of the relevant data sheet. Get an instant quote for Tescom Corporation NSN components like 01008-1, 01008-1, 01008-1 ITEM 28, 01010 PC 31, 01010-2. pressure reducing regulator that offers a venting and balanced valve design. CE-mark according to the Medical Device Directive 2007/47/EC. Cleaning and Packaging Every Swagelok K series pressure regulator is cleaned and packaged in accordance with Swagelok Standard Cleaning and Packaging (SC-10) catalog, MS-06-62. 4 Pressure Regulators and Filters K SERIES REGULATORS Testing Every Swagelok K series pressure regulator is pressure tested with nitrogen.

1 company | 40 products. TESCOM pressure regulators. and click on Locate a Sales Office. The 26-1000 Series has an interchangeable spring and sensor for product versatility.

This is usually an increase in outlet pressure due to a decrease in inlet pressure.

Applications temperature CS 1500 psig at 850°F [103 barg at 454°C] 316 SS 1500 psig at 1000°F [103 barg at 538°C] Max. A.
Dome and air load options are available. Refer to Regulator Recommendations for Semiconductor Gases in our catalog or on our website.

The 44-1300 Series provides Cv = 0.8 and 2.0. TESCOM 26-2300 Series is a highly accurate, diaphragm sensed backpressure regulator. Back Pressure Regulator vs. Pressure Reducing Regulator Pressure Reducing Regulators (PRR’s) are the most

PRESSURE REGULATOR TYPICAL APPLICATION 115 26-1200 Series Regulators - Pressure Reducing D26120540X012. INTRODUCTION Welcome This global catalog is designed to help you quickly and easily find technical information about TESCOM products. Pressure and temperature Max. Tescom Corporation NSN parts. ... TESCOM catalog or on 116 26-1200 Series Regulator Specifications *For extended temperature applications, consult TESCOM. The effect on the set pressure of a regulator due to an inlet pressure change. This pressure reducing regulator offers standard venting providing decreased outlet pressure. My filters. Browse part list at Just NSN Parts.

Example for selecting a part number: 44-13 1 3 - 2 08 1 BASIC SERIES BODY MATERIAL INLET PRESSURE OUTLET PRESSURE RANGE PORT TYPE PORT SIZE MAIN VALVE OPTIONS 44-13 1 – Brass Traditional pressure regulators hold constant pres-sure until you very the flow rate. -70°F (-57°C) for all metal seated valves, PTFE, -40°F (-40°C) for Delrin® soft seats. pressure regulation the Tescom performance shows a significantly higher amount of overpressure than the Equilibar® regulators over varying flow rates. It controls pressures up to 500 psig / 34.5 bar and offers many Cvs from 0.02 up to 1.0. Delete all. Here are TESCOM pressure reducing regulators listed in numerical/alphabetical order ... TESCOM 26-1700 Series regulator controls pressures ... TESCOM catalog or on

Tescom spends a great deal of time teaching our distributors and customers 26-1700 Series Regulator Flow Charts 0 2800 [193] 350 [24.1] 700 [48.3] 1050 [72.4] 1400 44-1300 Series Regulator Flow Charts Cv = 0.8 44-1300 … Need assistance or further specifications? Single stage adjustable pressure regulator according to DIN EN ISO 10524-4 for the reduction of pressurised medical gases. Please contact TESCOM for more information.

44-1300 Series Regulator Part Number Selector Repair Kits, Accessories & Modifications may be available for this product. Regulators - Pressure Reducing TESCOM 26-1000 Series controls pressures up to 10,000 psig / 690 bar.