Huge warm water blob off the Pacific coast causes mass death of sea species Sea animals are dying off in huge numbers off the Pacific coast from Baja, Mexico - all … Apparently the Pacific Ocean heatwave that cooked our steelhead and salmon for the past several years has officially ended. ... Read more about "The Blob That Cooked the Pacific." By Warren Cornwall Jan. 31, 2019 , 8:00 AM.

Could this die-off be related to a large patch of warm water, known as the blob, that had formed in the Pacific? Five years ago, a marine heat wave began to wash across Pacific ecosystems. From the coast of Alaska to Baja California, the Blob had … The Blob Appears. The Blob That Cooked the Pacific National Geographic - Craig Welch When a deadly patch of warm water shocked the West Coast, some feared it was a preview of our future oceans. About 3 ˚C warmer than usual, this patch of water stretched all the way from Alaska to California. (Read more about the blob that cooked the Pacific.)

The current "blob" in the Northeast Pacific is a result of a mega-high-pressure zone that took shape in the atmosphere above it. Ocean heat waves like the Pacific’s deadly ‘Blob’ could become the new normal. The Blob that Cooked the Pacific; Subpages (1): Research Abstracts. ... Read more about "The Blob That Cooked the Pacific." IMAGE: GENTEMANN, C., ET AL.

And no media picked up on the phenomenon of Alaska’s third-best salmon return in history a year after The Blob supposedly “cooked the Pacific.” This is largely how environmental reporting works in the U.S. in modern times. Most recently, it showed up in the Northern Pacific in October, 2018 and was given the name, “Son of Blob.” It’s back bumping the temperatures of coastal waters 3 to 4 degrees warmer.

Researchers fear it is a preview of the oceans' future. The blob has disappeared and reappeared every few years. In 2013, a large marine heatwave, nicknamed the 'Blob', occurred in the northeast Pacific Ocean. Could this die-off be related to a large patch of warm water, known as the blob, that had formed in the Pacific? Thousands of California sea lions, such as this one on rocks near Canada's Vancouver Island, died in 2014 and 2015.

New Evidence of a Giant Lava Lamp Beneath the Ancient Pacific . The warm blob, sudden increase in wind speeds over Atlantic and significant cooling over the Greenland Ice sheet and North Atlantic Ocean is observational evidence of a forcing change. One cause of the rampant warming is a marine heatwave known as the Blob that hit the northeast Pacific starting in 2013.
[Figure][1] By early 2015, the unusually warm water known as The Blob covered a vast swath of the Pacific Ocean. The National Park Service monitors nearshore marine environments to detect and understand changes to Alaska’s parks. Seismic surveys find evidence of a superplume in Earth’s mantle that fueled ancient megaeruptions in the Pacific. The Blob is a mass of warm water in the north Pacific Ocean that is linked to changes in climate and ocean ecosystems. This higher-than … Scientists tracking heatwave will compare ecological effects to earlier “Blob” The vast marine heatwave that spread warm temperatures across the northeast Pacific Ocean late in the summer and fall of 2019 has declined in size and pulled back from the West Coast, possibly reducing its immediate impacts on coastal ecosystems. “No wind means no mixing, and that fall [of 2013] had an incredible period of fair weather. Many starved as they struggled to find food in an unusually warm eastern Pacific. !