It is a replica of the large Silver Appleyard duck, only 1/3 the size. Silver Appleyard: the original, the large duck Silver Bantam: developed by the same person that developed the Silver Appleyard, Reginald Appleyard.

Well known waterfowl breeder, Tom Bartlett changed all that by developing this breed in 1980 and it weights one third of the original breed. Minature Appleyards were created by Tom Bartlett in the 1970/80\'s. The Appleyard was developed in the 1940s by the famous duck breeder Reginald Appleyard in West Suffolk. The Silver Appleyard duck bred by the famous Reginald Appleyard is famous not only for its egg laying ability but also for its beauty. The Silver Appleyard Miniature (below) was developed by Tom Bartlett in the 1980s. We are located near Tenbury Wells in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that you find it interesting, educational and engaging. The Silver Appleyard Miniature is a bantam breed of domestic duck that is often kept as pets.
Tom Bartlett of Folly Farm in Gloucestershire took a Silver Appleyard and miniaturised it to create a correctly coloured Silver Appleyard Miniature duck in the late 1980’s and the old Silver Appleyard Bantam became the Silver Bantam. But until 1980 it did not have a miniature equivalent. A 2-Year-Old Pair of Mini Silver Appleyards (The females tend to get more color with age.) Uses: Exhibition / Ornamental.
Appleyard’s notions of the ideal duck were pretty much the same as mine: He desired to develop a breed “with a combination of beauty, size, lots of big white eggs, and deep, long, wide breast.” In ducks we raise Silver Appleyard, Saxony, Blue Runner, Blue Swedish, Gray Call, Silver Appleyard Call, Miniature Silver Appleyard (Silver Bantam), and black bibbed calls. Over the years the… Silver Appleyards are a true triple-duty breed, combining excellent egg-laying ability, gourmet quality meat that has less fat than most Pekins, and splendid ornamental plumage. Located in Northern Illinois, Wheeler Farms offers day-old chicks and ducks, hatching eggs and adult stock. Silver Appleyard Ducks are omnivores; meaning - an animal that eats food of both animal and plant and origin. Mini Silver Appleyard ducklings (along with Australian Spotted ducklings) are the hardiest of the bantam duck breeds. The Silver Appleyard Duck is a Precocial (meaning) Born or hatched with the eyes open, a covering of hair or down, capable of a high degree of independent activity from birth and able to leave the nest just a few hours after hatching. The Silver Appleyard was bred in the 1930s by Reginald Appleyard, a well-known poultry writer and breeder in England at that time. Eggs: 60 to 160 Eggs. In the rush for this popular breed, the Bantam tended to get neglected, but seems to be making a comeback at present. Visit our website for more information and online ordering!