Theatre of Cruelty, project for an experimental theatre that was proposed by the French poet, actor, and theorist Antonin Artaud and that became a major influence on avant-garde 20th-century theatre. Part 1: Artaud’s Theatre: Immediate and Unrepeatable. Antonin Artaud, considered among the most influential figures in the evolution of modern drama theory, was born in Marseilles, France, and he studied at the Collège du Sacré-Cœur. Antonin Artaud created the idea of a Theatre of Cruelty. ', 'There is in every madman a misunderstood genius whose idea shining in his head frightened people and for whom delirium was the only solution to the strangulation that life had prepared for him. Born in France in 1896 his life was turbulent to say the least. Antonin Artaud, who briefly followed Surrealism, took Breton's suggestions and combined them with the dramatic movements of Balinese dance, and the Theatre of Cruelty was born. (Tourelle & McNamara:1998) He developed the theory of the Theater of Cruelty, which has influenced playwrights from Beckett to Genet, from Albee to Gelber. He developed the theory of the Theater of >Cruelty, which has influenced playwrights from Beckett to Genet, from Albee >to Gelber. He believed theatre relied too heavily on written word and realism.

By Cobina Gillitt Abstract Before the advent of global travel, many people first encountered Indonesian music and dance at a world’s fair or colonial exposition.

He moved to Paris, where he associated with surrealist writers, artists, and experimental theater groups during the 1920s.

101 quotes from Antonin Artaud: 'Never tire yourself more than necessary, even if you have to found a culture on the fatigue of your bones. Antonin Artaud >Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) was one of the 20th century's most important >theoreticians of the drama. Through a series of violent lighting, staging and acting, the Theatre of Cruelty would astound the audience–shock them– into a state that transcended just entertainment. His style relied on energetic and physical performances. Artaud, influenced by Symbolism and Surrealism, along with Roger Vitrac and Robert Aron founded the Significant moments in the development of theory and practice; Theatrical style; Innovations; Antonin Artaud is one of the great visionaries of the theatre. Name 5 techniques put forward by drama practitioner Antonin Artaud. First conceptualized by Antonin Artaud, the Theatre of Cruelty sought to “abolish the separation between the audience's space and the performance space”(Kramer, 1). Visual poetry- the use of mime, gesture, physical theatre and dance to communicate rather than words.2) Creating a dream world- The use of rituals, masks, traditions and striking costumes often influenced from Bali. Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) was one of the 20th century's most important theoreticians of the drama. Connections to the IB, GCSE, AS and A level specifications. One such person was the actor, playwright, poet, and drama theorist Antonin Artaud (1896‒1948), who attended a performance of the Balinese gamelan at the Paris International Colonial Exposition in 1931.