Learn more. Learn more. Originated in Hungary. Used as an expression for people who enjoy benefits while someone else is taking the risk for it, and therefore they can give false advice, act irresponsibly without retribution. Thrashing definition is - a severe beating or flogging. Thrashing in computing is an issue caused when virtual memory is in use. How to use thrashing in a sentence.

It occurs when the virtual memory of a computer is rapidly exchanging data for data on hard disk, to the exclusion of most application-level processing. Often associated with golden boys, politicans, or people in high positions. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English thrash thrash 1 / θræʃ / verb 1 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] SIDE to move or make something move from side to side in a violent or uncontrolled way thrash about/around The girl was thrashing about in the water. thrash definition: 1. to hit a person or animal hard many times as a punishment: 2. to move from side to side in a…. Translations in context of "thrashing around" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: At the airport, Mr. Beliatskii once again attempted to escape expulsion by screaming and thrashing around. thrash sth out definition: 1. to discuss a problem in detail until you reach an agreement or find a solution: 2. to discuss a…. ‘By thrashing around for solutions to the ‘politics of behaviour’ in this way, the government is helping to fuel the spiral of fear and alienation across society.’ ‘The pointless violence and vulgarity, however, that ends his stories smacks of an author thrashing around … As the main memory gets filled, additional pages need to be swapped in and out of virtual memory.