See more. Spirit Tribe Awakening 243,901 views Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL … Find more Tamil words at! Deep Energy Healing | 528Hz Miracle Music | Enhance Self Love | Stress Relief Healing Meditation - Duration: 3:01:58. thy definition: 1. your: the possessive form of thou, used when speaking to one person 2. your: the possessive form…. they tamil meaning and more example for they will be given in tamil. thy - tamil meaning of (பழ) உன்னுடைய உனது உன். Learn more. Thy definition, the possessive case of thou (used as an attributive adjective before a noun beginning with a consonant sound): thy table. Tamil words for thy include உன், உன்னுடைய and எதிர். The Sri Lankan Supreme Court has said that wardisplaced persons in governmentrun camps should be allowed to go if they are noncombatants and have a place to go.