Would it be harmful?

This isn’t likely to happen if your dog ate a small piece of plastic when you turned your back for a moment, but it is a distinct possibility if your dog ate the plastic hours before you discovered him. The plastic would probably not dissolve very much so you might be in for a rough time. Should I see a doctor? Red blood would indicate bleeding in the large intestine, black blood would indicate bleeding in the small intestines. Dr. Michael Bruck answered 27 years experience in Pediatrics Probably no worry: If he didnt choke on it and he just swallowed it than it should just pass without worry.

Be careful not to push it deeper into the airway. I highly doubt anything bad could come of it. Open your dog’s mouth and remove any plastic present. My son 3 year old swallowed a small piece of plastic fork in his school today. I was at Panera and accidentally chewed and swallowed a plastic fork tine, approximately an inch in length. I needed to look for signs of distress, but otherwise it would pass in a BM. I didn't eat the whole prong, just the top few mm or so. To be exact...Psyllium husk fiber, which is a dry powder you mix with cold water, and drink a few times a day. 2. I called poision control who said that, its not a poision but a choking hazard. I would check for bloody stools. It’s tine to take America’s plastic fork problem seriously. News on climate in the time of coronavirus Subscribe today. do I need to worry!? I swallowed about a 1/2 inch piece of a plastic fork tip. In teens and adults, swallowing plastic is often an attention-seeking behavior, according to eMedicineHealth. I buy these 100-for-a-buck forks at the dollar store, and they don't always pour the plastic so that the fork gets all its tines.

I noticed while eating some chicken that one of the four tines were missing and I just need to know if I should call the doctor or not.. ... TTC for #1- ****baby dust**** Lv 4.

If the person who has swallowed an object becomes unconscious, lay the person on his or her back on the ground.

In terms of my digestive system, nothing ever came of it; it must have passed harmlessly out the other side by now. Another unfortunate story is the one of Mr David Edmiston who, in 2010, unintentionally swallowed a piece of plastic fork whilst having lunch at work, the incident brought serious consequences, he had to stay in hospital for a couple of weeks and most of the time was spent in intensive care, the object punctuated his intestine, colon and other organs. In young children, swallowing plastic is often a part of natural curiosity. My child swallowed a small plastic tine from a plastic fork!

If the person is not breathing, call 911 for this medical emergency immediately.

I didn't find I; Was eating& bit off a small piece from the teeth of a BLACK plastic fork. Around your LOs age Ds got a hold of t our cats toy, and swallowed the plastic tip off. If you can see an object in the mouth, reach a finger in and sweep the object out. Is this likely to … Stupid, I know. That would have been on Sunday. It was about 5 mm long. That was 8 hours ago. It may have broken off while I was using it to break and pick up a crouton, and I didn't notice what I'd chewed until I looked down at the fork. I'm sure you could give your doctors office a call and ask someone at the office to relieve your stress. Are you sure the fork had all its tines when you started? The plastic fork tine would not be visible on an x-ray. Swallowed that plastic piece by accident. My mom once ate a bulb for a Christmas tree. - We were at Costco yesterday and after a full day of shopping Treesa was hungry so we got a couple slices of their Big-Thick (& possibly immediatly-heart-clogging) cheeze pizza, and using the fork … 2 year old may have swallowed a piece of a plastic fork. Apr 26, 2007 - 05:31pm PT "decided to … Especially in the lower intestines. It is available in any grocery store. Not sure he swallowed or chewed it. What would happen if you accidentally swallowed small pieces of a plastic fork? Your digestive system can protect itself fairly well, and I wouldn't expect something like a guitar pick could do any damage. 2 year old may have swallowed a piece of a plastic fork. Wild Bill.

If you cannot poop with that, you might need a laxative to get things moving.

Wouldn't you feel something as long as a plastic fork tine making the alley-oop over the …

If a child refuses to eat, has blood in the vomit or stool or suffers malnutrition and weight loss after swallowing plastic, medical care is advisable. Other Talk - I was eating with a plastic k&f and later noticed that part of the fork was missing! Stomach acid cannot dissolve plastic. My hubby once ate a few tines of a plastic fork...they passed with a little help from some fiber supplement. I feel so stupid allowing her to use the fork. I just swallowed a very small piece of a plastic fork tine--accidently bit off about 1/16th of an inch of the tine. I am worried - is this something that will just pass or do I have a real problem I should be concerned with here? My 2 year old daughter swallowed the tip of a plastic fork.

Topic Author's Reply - Apr 26, 2007 - 05:30pm PT Maybe my eating the inedible is genetic?

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climber. I accidentally ingested the sharp tip of one of the prongs on a plastic fork. …