Before you go for the kill you should probably try to trap it with a non-lethal trap and release it far from your home. So yes. Up until now the tufted squirrel has only been caught in blurry stills. A disemboweled deer or domestic chicken with none of its flesh eaten is a sure sign of a squirrel kill." There is an elusive species of squirrel found in the jungles of Borneo that local legend claims to hunt and consume deer. Taipan. 13K 1,809. $5 homemade squirrel exclusion device works much better than $175 one I bought - Duration: 2:45. The tail is 130 percent of the mass of the rest of the squirrel’s body, giving it the world record for mammalian tail-to-body ratio.

Deep in the forests of Borneo lurks a squirrel with the largest tail-to-body mass ratio of any mammal—and a taste for deer blood.Ok, so maybe only one of these facts is verified, but odder animal-legends have proven true in the past. The tail makes the squirrel appear larger than it actually is to scare off its natural enemy, the Sunda clouded leopard. Tufted Ground Squirrel - Rheithrosciurus macrotis Tufted Ground Squirrel - Rheithrosciurus macrotis. Trapping a ground squirrel - Duration: 2:03. Vampire Squirrel Hunts Deer. A squirrel from the tropics of Borneo that holds legendary status of nimble deer assassin? Behold the tufted ground squirrel, one of the strangest tree-dwelling rodents found on Earth. Apex Predator. 2:03. How To Kill Squirrels In Home - Killing a squirrel may seem like something drastic, but people who never had a squirrel make a nest in their house do not know the damage they can make. The tufted ground squirrel, Rheithrosciurus macrotis, is an elusive species living in the dense rainforests of Borneo.

Taipan. That may be where the myth of its deer-killing powers comes from.
The tufted squirrel’s poofy tail appears to be about 30 percent larger than its body volume, or about 130 percent of its body mass, Douglas Main writes for Newsweek. Wildlife Wilderness 206,138 views.

The squirrel waits on a low branch, then jumps on to the back of a passing muntjac and bites its jugular, forcing the larger animal to bleed out. Post Jun 30, 2018 #1 2018-06-30T04:57 13K 1,809. ‘Dayak hunters sometimes find these disemboweled deer in the forest, none of … Up until now the tufted squirrel has only been caught in blurry stills.