Bulwell, Nottingham. Turkish Van Kitten In Pool. We pride ourselves on the temperment, type, and health of our kittens. Anything Look…Weird?

Meow! 17 talking about this. The breed is known for its unique, distinctive pattern; the term “Van” has been adopted by a variety of breeds to describe white cats with colored head and tail markings. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to … They are known for their love of water though not all will swim or enjoy being bathed. Turkish Van Breed Council Website (external link) Gallery of Turkish Van Grands . Click on thumbnails for larger image : Best Turkish Van Of The Year HALIMA CEYLAN OF KAYSERAI. Turkish Van Cat On Tree. About the Turkish Van.

£200 . The Turkish Van is happy to live with cat-friendly dogs, too, as long as they recognize that he’s in charge. If you submit your new grand for both publications, it will be included here for free in next year’s grand gallery. Turkish Van Cat Sitting With White Background. Report. Turkish Van Cat Breed. Turkish Vans often do not gain full maturity until they are three years or more. When it comes to cats, he prefers the company of his own kind, but he will accept other cats, especially if he is brought up with them from kittenhood.

Turkish Van Cat Back View. Brent, North West London. If you would prefer a call back, please provide a phone number this seller can use to reach you. Turkish Vans are very active and intelligent. The Turkish Van is a natural breed from the rugged, remote, and climatically varied region of the Middle East. It is an ancient natural breed with relics in the area that are 5000 years old bearing cats resembling the Turkish Van. Color: Blue Tortie/White Owner: Barbara Lindsey Breeder: Erica Tadajewski Best Turkish Van Kitten Of The Year KAYSERAI RAMAZAN It is an ancient natural breed with relics in the area that are 5000 years old bearing cats resembling the Turkish Van. Grand photos featured on this page were submitted for publication in both the Cat Talk Almanac and the CFA Yearbook. The Turkish Van cat breed is also known as the Vankedisi (a term applied to an all-white cat) or a Van Kedi (a term applied to bi-color cats). Turkish Van Cat With Orange Tail. The cats were originally know in the United Kingdom as Turkish Cats, but later renamed. We have imported cats from around the world to keep a diverse gene pool in our cattery. It has a distinctive white body with auburn markings on the head and tail. Breeder's Statement: Halima Turkish Van cattery has been breeding top quality Turkish Vans for both pets and the show ring since 2002. Why buy a Turkish Van kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Turkish Van Cat With Blue Eyes. Descriptio n: Located in Southern California, KingTurks Cattery is a new small cattery that specializes in the Turkish Van. The Turkish Van is an ancient breed of cat, originally from the Lake Van region in Turkey.

Turkish van x kittens . Cats are displayed in alphabetic order, by their name.

A California-based cattery specializing in the Turkish Van. Turkish Van Cat With Long Silky Fur . Unlike most domestic cats, this old and natural breed loves to swim, and is an intelligent and loving pet. Hodowla kotów rasy Turecki Van - Turkish Van Cat Cattery Three Cute Turkish Van Kittens. A large and muscular cat, the strength and power is evident in the substantial body and legs. The Turkish Van cat is a uniquely beautiful variety.