Tea? 1. The fact is, there are 30 kinds of Japanese restaurant in Japan — all specializing in a different type of Japanese cuisine. Each course is small and aesthetically pleasing with seasonal ingredients.

There are many different types of yakitori, but the most common varieties are momo (chicken thigh), negima (chicken and spring onion), and tsukune (chicken meatballs).

Kaiseki is a type of multicourse Japanese meal.
It doesn’t matter if you like the play it safe with chicken and mixed vegetables or if you’re a more daring eater … Mochi?

Who's up for sushi? This is a list of the absolute best Japanese foods, ranked by deliciousness. Kaiseki is the creation of a chef. There are no standard kaiseki dishes. It's fine cuisine that can include 5-16 courses. 6. A Japanese o-bento boxed meal A bento(or, more usually, the honorific o-bento) is a boxed meal for one person that typically contains a combination of rice, fish (and/or meat) and vegetables, including some pickled vegetables (tsukemono) such as umeboshi plums or slices of daikon radish. Japan has some of the most adventurous and uniquely delicious food on the planet, which is one of the many reasons why Japanese restaurants are so popular all over the world. Ramen (ラーメン) Restaurants Instead there are categories of dishes are are traditionally served. Sashimi?