Debates' started by Darth Valdemar, Jun 9, 2004. Ungoliant devoured the light of the trees of Valinor. Ungoliant is horrifying and from the old world in which power was vastly stronger on both sides. Shelob grew bloated on orcs and other hapless creatures trapped in her web but ultimately she was but lesser offspring of legend, covered by the shadow of Mordor and its Dark Lord. Where as Ungoliant as she devoured the trees of Valinor and other artifacts of beauty and light - so did she become more and more bloated and powerful. Shortly before the war of the ring. No comparison really. What happens? Ungoliant and Morgoth formed an alliance temporarily and came to Valinor, while Morgoth cast a dark shadow covering them, Ungoliant sucked the light from the Two Trees and darkened Aman, hence why it fell back into darkness. Discussion in 'Vs. Shelob retreated at the light of Sam's phial.

Interestingly, a suggestion similar to this was actually made at the Council of Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Darth Valdemar. Shelob is a baby compared to her. Ungoliant vs 3rd age Sauron. Ungoliant comes through the time thing, and heads to Mordor to take on Sauron.