How to use parapet in a sentence.

Parapets may be purely aesthetic or primarily functional, such as hiding mechanical equipment or performing as a firewall.

The spacing between the individual fasteners must not exceed 30 cm. The original design and use of a parapet was as a battlement in a fortified structure.

Parapet definition is - a wall, rampart, or elevation of earth or stone to protect soldiers. Parapets may rise above the cornice of a building or form the upper portion of a defensive wall on a castle.

Parapet Walls – Types and Uses - The Constructor Posted: (1 days ago) A parapet wall is a low or dwarf wall built along the edge of the roof, terrace, walkway, balcony etc. Some of the most lasting architecture was built for protection. This is ideal for anyone with a rooftop terrace or roof garden. Different types of parapet walls and their uses are discussed below.

This type Parapets have a long architectural history and go by different names. A parapet originally meant a defensive mini-wall made of earth or stone that was built to protect soldiers on the roof of a fort or a castle. Modern Uses for Parapet Walls in NYC One of the most common uses for this type of brick wall is to help prevent people or property from falling off the roof by acting as a barrier. 18 examples: It features terracotta trim, fluted columns, and an undulating parapet wall… The parapet is where the roof meets the wall. If water has nowhere to go, it can - and will – run down the side of your building. Parapets with fish-scale patterns were also used and are indicated in extant wall paintings in Pompeii. Parapets, where roofs meet walls, can create problems and solutions in building technology – learn from Lstiburek how to properly approach them when building.

During the Renaissance the use of the balustrade largely superseded the parapet, but in northern Europe the transitional early Renaissance styles offer many examples of fantastically scrolled and pierced parapets. For parapets up to 50 cm height, membranes can be loose laid without fixing on the wall.

Recent Examples on the Web The infusion of cash is targeted to offset what the company is facing due to the coronavirus pandemic: a plunge worse than Gaston's off the parapet of the Beast's castle.

Embattled Parapet Walls The Embattled parapets were widely used in olden days especially for castles, forts etc. However, both external faces of the parapet wall will still need to comply with B4-(1). Alternative low and high portions and perforations are provided in the parapet.

The spray foam is supported by horizontal bridging or metal blocking.

A parapet is sometimes called a parapetto (Italian), parapeto (Spanish), breastwork, or brustwehr (German). 10.2 Protection against wind uplift. This wall provides protection to the traffic against falling down the hill slope. Parapet's military sense is rather different, because there it is a mound of sandbags, a bank, or a … A parapet is a barrier which is an extension of the wall at the edge of a roof, terrace, balcony, walkway or other structure.The word comes ultimately from the Italian parapetto (parare "to cover/defend" and petto "breast"). Embattled Parapet Walls.