"When Your Back is Against the Wall" Exodus 13.

There is a good chance that some time in your life you felt your back is against the wall. Now you know Yeah you got my back against the wall Oh god I ain't got no other place to hide Chained down Like a sittin' duck just waitin' for the fall You know Yeah you got my back against the wall. Get up stand tall Put your back up against the wall 'Cause my love is dangerous This is a bust Get up stand tall Put. Back Up Against the Wall. What you gonna do when you need a little more grace? Back Against the Wall Lyrics: See who your dogs / You gon' see who send you money and answer them calls / You gon' see who keep it hundred and check on your mom / You … Rancid.

Up Against the Wall Lyrics: You can look all your life for someone / You can tell yourself again that something was off / You can spend your life alone, oh, oh / …

Discuss these up against the wall Lyrics with the community: We need you! Tell me. Add Lyrics. How're you gonna smile when it seems all hope is lost? a bill is due (or overdue) and you have no way to pay it; the Doctor says, "there is nothing more that can be done Help build the largest human-edited lyrics collection on the web! SERIES: Lessons in the Wilderness ©July 22, 2001 by Rev. Hang on, In there Hang on, In there What you gonna do when your back's against the wall? How you gone respond when they try to test your faith? What you gonna do when your back's against the wall? Now the guy's in the gutter and you don't give a damn And he looks kind of weak and small 'cause you called his number when you felt your back against the wall. So you take your chances and you push him back against the wall. Bruce Goettsche.