Cheesy Veg Paniyaram Recipe is a delicious dish to serve to your loved ones especially your kids. Vellai Paniyaram and Kaara chutney~ Chettinad special Vellai Paniyaram is a traditional dish from chettinad.You can never see a chettinad feast without vellai paniyaram.It is such an authentic dish that makes it fetch a place in chettinad cuisine.This is served as evening snack with its best accompaniment 'Kaara Chutney'. The minute I hear the word Paniyaram, it reminds me of the movie Roja, where there is a mention of this Vellai Paniyaram. chettinad vellai paniyaram recipe is a signature dish that most of us know and its best paired with spicy kara milaga chutney.

One quick tip is to have rice flour handy.

Chettinad Vellai paniyaram recipe – Here are some tips to get good paniyarams. about 1 to 2 hrs. For this week of blogging marathon, I am doing combo dishes and the first one in the series is the vellai paniyaram. This is a very famous snack in Chettinad, it's sure to find its place in the menu, during almost all the functions & festivals. Made with healthy Bajra dosa batter with some some finely chopped onions, grated carrots, grated beetroot, and grated cheese cubes.

With coconut chutney or tomato chutney, they make a delicious snack or breakfast.

These Cheesy Veg Paniyaram are  pan fried in a paniyaram pan to get a crunchy texture on the outside and soft texture on the inside. Paniyaram …
some of the other side dishes that go well with this vellai paniyaram, simple-chilli-chutney; Hotel-style Kara chutney; Tomato chutney/ thakkali chutney; This deep-fried paniyaram is a very simple recipe and the consistency of batter matters the most.It should be thin little more than the dosa batter consistency.

No Chettiar’s function will be complete without serving the traditional Vellai paniyaram.

Spicy Chilli Chutney!

It is popularly served along with Milagai chutney (tomato, tamarind chutney).

Take both rice and urad dal in a vessal, wash with water and change waters twice. Salt – to taste Unlike the other paniyaram batters, urad dhal is used in larger quantities and thus the paniyarams are very soft.

The only time taken is the time for the soaking of the Rice and Dal i.e.

Vellai paniyaram is fried bread made from rice and dal. chettinad vellai paniyaram recipe /marudhuskitchen.
Thats it, once the batter is ready then it gets done very fast. Vellai Paniyaram: Vellai Paniyaram is a very famous Chettinad dish A Crown of all dishes.This is specially served in all marriages.It is basically made from Rice flour and a bit of urad Dal as a ratio.

Urad Dhal – 1/4 cup.

Then soak for at least 3 hours. I have heard a lot about it, but never tasted it. There is not much recipe variation for this traditional dish. This paniyaram goes well with onion chutney Ingredient List vellai paniyaram: Basmathi rice will be mostly good for making vellai paniyarams.

After grinding the ‘paniyaram batter” refrigerate it for at least one hour. Do not confuse this with the chettinad vellai paniyaram.

The word “Vellai” means “white”, since this paniyaram appears in white colour it is called as vellai panayaram. Chettinad Vellai Paniyaram/Rice Fritters With Spicy Chilli Chutney!

Ingredients: Saamai Rice – 1 cup. No chettinad recipe pages will be complete without a note for its traditional delicacy”Vellai paniyaram”.Even if one doesn’t find time to make it themselves, should at least taste it in the traditional chettinad restaurants mushrooming in almost all big cities and towns.Vellai paniyaram will have its place in all the chettiar functions big or small. Vellai Paniyaram has very few ingredients and takes very less time of preparation.

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