Velvet Ultra Flocking Solid Upholstery Fabrics. specializing in fleece, velvet, fur, satin, silk, chiffon, organza, brocade, spandex, voile, wool. Suede Velvet Cow print fabric Udder Madness Upholstery DEEP COPPER CREAM / 54" Wide / Sold By The Yard . Many of our animal print home decor fabrics can be used for a variety of applications, including chair fabric, sofa fabric, curtain fabric, furniture fabric, pillow fabric, upholstery fabric, or drapery fabric. Velvet Suede Bella with Cotton Backing Fabric. What is 100% Cotton Fabric ? If you’re making a costume or decorations for Christmas or Halloween, a cheap panne velvet is the ideal choice. In 11 Solid Colors! Velvet may still be a luxurious fabric but we offer it without the excessive price tag. Velvet Stretch Fabrics. discount on-line fabric retailer.

Velvet Elegance Fabric.

We offer original printed designs from Disney, Hasbro and Sanrio, for kids of all ages.

100% polyester fiber designed with cow pattern and pastel color print. BELLA. In 20 Colors. Double Velvet Fabric .

Our animal print fabrics are designed and printed onto high-quality Italian Lycra - also known as Elastene, right here in the UK, so you can rest assured you're sporting only the highest quality materials that are made to last. Velvet Upholstery Fabric We have a variety of luxuriously soft velvet fabrics suitable for a number of soft furnishing projects including curtains, cushions and upholstery. In 28 NEW Colors. The Fabric Mill is the largest fabric wholesaler to the public in the New York, Metropolitan area. In 12 Colors. Velvet Flocking Fabric comes in various colors and is great for projects and well as upholstery needs. Our velvets have a short dense pile creating luxuriously soft fabric that would create sumptuous drapes or furniture. Cow Print Fabric Cow Pattern Fabric Empire Velvet Material Home Decor Fabric Sewing Stores Real Leather Animal Print Rug Printing On Fabric.

This VELVET SUEDE COW PRINT is hybridized with suede and velvet material. Velvet Solid Fabrics. In 6 Colors. In 9 Colors. As a family-owned business for over 17 years, The Fabric Mill takes pride in offering excellent customer service, outstanding products and a low price guarantee.

All our fabric … You can find a large selection of colors and designs for all your needs 100% Cotton Fabric. Our collection of animal print upholstery fabric includes all kinds of animal fabric, including leopard print fabric, tiger print fabric, zebra print fabric, cowhide fabric, and more. View our selection of 100% pure cotton fabrics. Suede Velvet Cow Print Fabric With Paint Splash Udder Madness Upholstery. You just have to cut and go - no finishing seams, as the cut edges roll in on themselves. Triple Velvet Fabric. This fabric is being sold at a very cheap and reasonable price.