Vexatious Litigation. He said that most vexatious litigation was ended by summary judgment. A most vexatious circumstance … Use "vexatious" in a sentence. 25 examples: To litigate cavilously, vexatiously, or from merely quarrelsome motives. Vexation sentence examples. - In… Vexatious; 1. 2. Administrative tribunals in Quebec cannot declare a person a vexatious litigant. Lawyer, and that's vexatious. vexatious in a sentence - Use "vexatious" in a sentence 1. ... and the Roman system was extraordinarily vexatious.

3. There are very vexatious people in the world. Synonyms for vexatious at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. 2.

A legal action or proceeding initiated maliciously and without Probable Cause by an individual who is not acting in Good Faith for the purpose of annoying or embarrassing an opponent.. Vexatious definition, causing vexation; troublesome; annoying: a vexatious situation. 2. vexation.
He is in such bad health, and now this vexation about his son is enough to kill him!

54. Vexatious in a sentence.

2. ‘This was a very vexatious issue in the first place and the way it was constructed caused a lot of angst.’ ‘In keeping with today's litigious mood, more businesses are prepared to use the regulatory machinery to pursue their business interests against competitors, sometimes with vexatious claims.’ Examples of vexatiously in a sentence, how to use it. Find descriptive alternatives for vexatious. 115. See more.
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The U.S. legal system permits persons to file civil lawsuits to seek redress for injuries committed by a …