(Entry 1 of 4) 1 : any of various tools with two jaws for holding work that close usually by a screw, lever, or cam. The gripping tool is … b. Wicked or depraved conduct or habits; corruption: "sharpers, desperadoes, pirates, and criminals steeped in vice" (Carl Holliday). viselike - clamped as in a vise; "a viselike grip" tight - closely constrained or constricted or constricting; "tight skirts"; "he hated tight... Viselike - definition of viselike by The Free Dictionary A practice or habit considered to be evil, degrading, or immoral: the vices of smoking and drinking. vice 1. Writing of a “vice-like” grip invites racy jokes at your expense. Outside American English, the vise spelling rarely appears. vicelike definition: Adjective (comparative more vicelike, superlative most vicelike) 1.

Learn more. In the U.S., the word for the clamping tool comprising two jaws closed and opened by a screw or lever is spelled vise. So in North America a person with an overly firm handshake has a vise-like grip. A particular characteristic of the breed was the lower jaw that projected considerably in front of the upper jaw, which made possible a strong, vice-like grip. 2 : something likened to a vise economic vise of slow growth and rampant … From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English vice-like ˈvice-like, vicelike British English, vise-like, viselike American English / ˈvaɪslaɪk / adjective → a vice-like grip 2. Definition of vise. (vīs) n. 1. a. US spelling of vice-like 2. very tight: 3. very tight and strong: .

From Wikipedia viselike meaning: 1. vice-like / vise-like In the US and Canada the clamp fastened to a workbench is a vise, but a vice is a moral flaw or bad habit.