The HIAG campaigned for Waffen-SS veterans to be awarded the legal status of "persons formerly in the public service" under article 131 of the Basic Law, so that they would qualify for the same rights and pensions as Wehrmacht's career soldiers. The story begins with the capitulation of Germany in 1945, while Wagemueller is fighting the Red Army and partisans near Czechoslovakia. The story is told in the words of "Hans Josef Wagemueller," who fights as an officer in the Waffen-SS during the Second World War. Törni died in a helicopter crash during the Vietnam War and he was promoted to the rank of major posthumously. When he eventually agreed, however, it proved to be well worth the wait. His remains were located three decades later and then buried in Arlington National Cemetery; he is the only former member of the Waffen-SS to be interred there. And I just finished a book recently about the 1948 Arab/Israeli conflict and that book mentioned former SS soldiers serving among … Wagemueller escapes the Allied powers in post-war Europe by fighting his way west and using underground connections to … VETERANS of Hitler's notorious Waffen-SS who served in a battle unit accused of war crimes are still living in Britain, The Sun can reveal. I just saw in another thread that there were former SS soldiers serving among the French forces in Vietnam/Indochina following the end of WW2. As one would expect with any veteran of the Waffen-SS, it took quite a while to get this individual to grant an interview. Former Waffen-SS members, with the exception of conscripts, who comprised about one third of the membership, were denied many of the rights afforded to military veterans. "Karl" was intelligent, had a good memory for details, and spoke excellent English.